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5 Easy Steps To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Have you noticed your pup is a little chubby? It’s common for pet dogs to put on a few pounds in their lifetime but in order for them to have a healthy and long life it’s important for them to maintain a healthy weight.

Here’s 5 easy steps you can take to help your dog lose weight!

  1. Food quality is key. Try swapping out your dog’s regular food for a weight-controlled or light feed. These feeds are designed to be low in calories to prevent excess weight gain and to help your dog shed those extra pounds. They also include veggies and lean meat to promote overall good health and increase vitamin consumption.
  2. Measure their meals. It’s very easy to eyeball the portions of your dog’s food, but we often give our pets too much. Weigh your dog and follow the feeding guide for the particular food you give them.
  3. Increase daily exercise, safely. Slowly introduce more gentle exercise to your dog’s routine. Consider adding an extra walk in the evening and introduce more active games at home. Be careful with older dogs and always keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort.
  4. Every treat matters! Make sure nobody in your house is cheating and sneaking your dog extra snacks throughout the day. Cutting out treats will really help to bring your dog’s calorie intake down. If your dog really enjoys their daily treat, make sure you ration them out and swap to a lower calorie option.
  5. Be patient and track progress. A healthy weight doesn’t happen overnight! Like us humans, creating a long-lasting healthy lifestyle for your pet will help them to live a happier and longer life. Track progress monthly to see if your pet’s lifestyle changes are working.
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