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5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

Is it that time of year again? Our doggie friends deserve the best on their Birthday, here’s our team’s favourite ways to celebrate!

Host a doggy birthday party: 

Invite your dog’s favourite pup-pals around for a playdate, don’t forget to bring some yummy treats and toys for them to enjoy! You could even make some dog goody bags with some pick n mix treats and chews for them to take home after they’ve had a fun play in the garden.

Make a dog-friendly birthday cake or treat them to a Barking Bakery: 

It’s not just us humans who enjoy a slice of birthday cake, make sure you give them treats with dog-friendly ingredients such as a doggy woofin or cookie.

Get them a new toy:

Seen a new toy lately you know your favourite four-legged friend will enjoy? Now is the time to show them how much you care with a toy you know they’ll love. Why not try out an interactive toy or one you can stuff with treats?

Explore a new walking area:

Get the whole family involved and find a new walk or forest near you for the ultimate adventure. Your dog will love sniffing all of the new smells and might even make some new canine friends!

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