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5 Ways That Pet Owners Can Be More Eco-Friendly

There are lots of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint as a pet owner, we’ve compiled some of our top tips that can improve your four-legged friend’s life and the planets! Shop our sustainable products here.

When shopping for your cat’s litter or small animal bedding, consider choosing material that is bio-degradable. With plenty of options available, these products help to prevent pet litter going to landfill. You can even pick up compostable and bio-degradable poo bags!

Thankfully, most of our reliable pet food brands like to source their ingredients in a sustainable way, to prevent overfishing and waste. Buying treats or wet food in recyclable packaging also cuts down on plastic consumption.

By shopping for Irish products and brands, you’re minimizing travel and importing of products. this minimizes products travelling by air putting out harmful fumes.

When giving your house a spring clean, or even your dog’s coat, opt for cleaning products that aren’t harmful to the planet and avoid dangerous chemical run off that can have a negative affect on local wildlife and pollute waterways.

By spraying and neutering your cat or dog, you’re minimizing more animals going into shelters. You can help bring these numbers down too by choosing to adopt your next pet from a rescue centre near you.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks to become a more eco-friendly paw-rent! Don’t forget you can shop our eco-friendly edit here.

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