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  • Acana Classic Prairie Poultry 2KG

    Inspired by the natural diet of dogs, ACANA Prairie Poultry features free-run chicken and turkey delivered fresh or RAW daily in WholePrey ratios, providing an unmatched symphony of flavors and nutrients. This protein-rich formula is loaded with fresh, wholesome ingredients like whole nest-laid eggs, low-glycemic and locally grown steel-cut oats, and whole chickpeas, carefully balanced to nourish your dog from nose to tail.

    A Biologically Appropriate Diet for Optimal Health

    ACANA Prairie Poultry is crafted with a low-glycemic index and a limited carbohydrate content to promote stable blood sugar levels and peak physical conditioning. This biologically appropriate diet mimics your dog’s ancestral diet, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients they crave, all in a format that matches their natural eating preferences.

    Order your ACANA Prairie Poultry 2kg bags today and let your dog experience the difference of a biologically appropriate diet!

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  • Acme Shepherds Whistle 576 Black

    Great for dog training, the Acme Shepherd’s Whistle, sometimes called the Shepherd’s Lip Whistle, is a professional model. Used by many dog trainers who consider this whistle to be the ultimate for communication with your dog, it allows the trainer to create a crescendo of sound in varying pitches.

  • Acme Whistle 210

    Easy to blow with an instant response the Acme Whistle is a traditional, finger grip whistle. Made in England it is considered one of the best-tapered mouthpiece whistles. It has a natural corkball (pea) and is totally waterproof for use in any weather. Nickel-plated.

  • Acme Whistle 211.5

    Perfect for essential dog training this plastic dog whistle made by Acme is lightweight and easy to carry. It is easy to blow and has a high tone dog whistle with a solid tone and a single frequency.

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