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  • Bonio Large Bones 1kg

    Bonio Large Bones are oven-baked biscuits created with carefully selected ingredients to keep your dog healthy and happy. Low in fat and helps in reducing the build-up of tartar and plaque.

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  • Bonio Meaty Chip 375g

    Bonio Meaty Chip Biscuits have tasty meaty pieces in your dog’s favourite crunchy treat! Low in fat, these treats help to support healthy teeth and gums. Perfect for any dogs at any time of the day, these treats are wholesome and nutritious with added meaty chips.


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  • Bonio Mini Bones 1kg

    Bonio Mini Bones are a fun, complementary treats that your dog will love, with fibre to help support healthy digestion. Enriched with vitamins (A, D, E) and mineral. Small in size yet big in flavour!

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  • Bonio Original Biscuits

    Bonio Original biscuits include wholegrain cereal, making these reliable favourites healthy and tasty! A crunchy, oven-baked texture help to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean. Extra vitamins help to support a healthy coat and skin while the low-fat content helps to maintain a healthy body condition.

    Developed using only selected ingredients, this complementary pet treat that is sure to get your dog’s mouth watering!

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