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  • Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

    The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is humanely designed to allow dogs to pant, eat/drink while the muzzle is on. The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle can be heat-shaped to fit your dog’s unique shape & size. See fitting instructions for more info and how to find the best size of muzzle for your dog. For dogs that are reactive around other dogs, people & new situations like vet visits, the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is a great choice

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  • Boomer Ball Persuit Toy

    Do you have a dog that loves to play but manages to destroy every toy you give them? Then you have to get a Boomer Ball Pursuit Toy. It’s virtually indestructible.
    This tough toy is made of polyethene which means most dogs are not able to puncture it.
    Great for stimulation and exercise to keep your dog from getting bored, this tough toy is designed to be picked up by you and not your dog making it perfect for the chase or a game of tug with a high energy dog.

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  • Carsafe Dog Travel Harness – Black

    The Carsafe Dog Travel Harness is a lightweight and comfortable option for keeping your dog safe in the car. Stay safe while on roadtrips with your dog belted in, removing any possible distractions.

    – Strong and secure design.
    – Hi-vis reflective features.
    – Easy to fit.
    – Side release clips for easy fitting.
    – Padded chest and neck strap.
    – Can also be used for walking.
    – Metal D-ring for easy connection.
  • Clix Silent Whistle

    “Silent” whistles are well suited for training breeds that are noise sensitive such as Wheaten Terriers and Border Collies.The Clix Silent Whistle is compact, lightweight making it perfect for training inside or outside. Please note: This dog whistle is slightly audible to human ears. An adjustment screw is included to alter the pitch. Training guide included.

  • Halti Head Collar


    Halti Head Collar

    It is easy to see why HALTI is one of the best-selling headcollars in the world! If you have a large powerful dog or one that pulls on the lead, you will know how exhausting walks can be. Dogs of all sizes can pull on the lead to the point of choking themselves. The HALTI was designed by Dr. Roger Mugford to come to the rescue of such dogs and their owners. Its revolutionary design is based on the same principle as a horse’s headcollar – if you guide the head, the body will surely follow. Naturally following the contours of a dogs face and positioned well down the dog’s nose, the HALTI gives you maximum steering power and control. The particular advantage of the HALTI is its unique on-off muzzle-closing effect: when the dog attempts to lunge forward or attack, his jaws are closed by the slip ring. When he is relaxed or friendly, he can pant easily and act just like a dog. The soft material and careful design and construction ensures the HALTI is comfortable and in many dogs can create a pronounced calming effect. HALTI comes in six sizes and all HALTI’s have a padded nose band for extra comfort.

  • Halti No Pull Harness


    Halti No Pull Harness

    The Halti no pull harness is the newest addition to the company of animals range of Halti no pull training products. For dogs that pull on the leash, The Halti no pull harness is a comfortable way to retrain your dog to walk without pulling while allowing for full range of motion and comfort when in use.


    Uniquely designed with a stop-pull lifting feature that is activated when dogs begin to pull on the leash, thereby correcting them to stop pulling and walk at your speed. A no-slip padded chest panel on the Halti no pull harness keeps pressure off of your dog’s shoulders and neck while providing them with support as they walk. This front pouch is great for stowing small essentials like poop bags during walks.

  • Halti Training Lead


    Halti Training Lead

    The Halti Training Lead is a multi-functional training lead designed to provide optimal steering control and comfort when used with other Halti Headcollars and no pull harnesses. The Halti Training Lead works in 7 different ways for short, medium and long Lead-length training, hands-free walking and training, walking two dogs from one Lead, and for easy, supervised tethering at public restaurants, and outdoor seating areas. The Halti Training Lead comes in two different colours and sizes to best suit your pet parenting, dog training and walking needs. Halti Products are better together! Combine the Halti Training Lead with the Halti Front Control Harness, Halti No Pull Harness and Halti Headcollar for the optimal support, comfort and control for all of your non-pull needs.

  • Mini Interactive Slow Feeder

    Stimulate your dog’s mind while they eat with a Mini Interactive Slow Feeder. It also helps slow down their eating aiding in better digestion and fewer tummy issues.

    Without enough interaction, dogs can get bored leading them to behaviours like chewing and barking. Help keep your dog entertained with a fun slow feed bowl made to remove boredom via interaction and stimulation. Just scatter your dog’s food and your dog will push the food between the blades to eat it. It turns eating time into playtime and slows them down so that they can properly digest their food. Dishwasher safe.

  • Multi Clicker Dog Training Aid

    Multi Clicker Dog Training Aid has a volume/tone control, an essential tool for clicker training. This tool also includes a free step-by-step guide to teach your dog to sit, lie down, recall and perform basic heelwork. The handy elasticated wrist strap means it’s easy to carry while on big adventures.

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