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  • Be:Sunsafe Pet Sunscreen 60g

    Made to keep your pet safe in the sun, this sunscreen is made with sensitive skin in mind. Created with nourishing and natural ingredients, this comes in a handy recyclable tin. It also helps to repel insects and provides SPF 15 protection.

    Key Features:

    • SPF 15
    • Made with natural ingredients
    • Recycable packaging
    • Contains Vitamins A, E and F
    • With beeswax and citronella
    • Free from zinc, parabens, plastic, and MIT
  • Dermobee Sweet Itch Cream

    Dermobee is designed to soothe, heal and protect irritated skin. It can be used on all animals that suffer from skin irritation but is especially ideal for horses that suffer from sweet itch or any other irritation. It is also a natural fly repellent that offers a layer of protection for the skin to heal, containing beeswax, neem oil, benzyl benzoate.


    Apply generously to a clean area, and cover after use as the product is oil based and needs to be masked from direct sunlight. This product can be used under FEI rules and has a 48 hour withdrawal for horses racing under turf club rules. If you notice a problem persisting please seek advice from your vet.

  • Easypill Divisible Cat Treat For Tablets 10g

    Easypill Divisible Cat Treat For Tablets is a clever treat that takes out the stress of giving your cat a tablet. If you have a kitty who hates taking a tablet, try an Easypill treat to hide the medicine. The tasty treat just needs to be cut to insert a tablet, then you can close the split to conceal it away from your clever cat. The tablet attaches to the sticky putty making it harder for your pet to spit out. Depending on the size of the tablet, it can be divided into smaller treats to use for multiple doses.

    How to use:
    Try to give your pet a taste of the easy pill bar first with no tablet, to prove to them it’s just a tasty treat to enjoy.
    Then you’ll need to break off a piece of the treat, place the tablet inside and roll it up to conceal the medication inside.
    You could also try to give them more of the treat after to ensure they continue to eat this piece with the tablet inside

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