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  • Dragon Grub Juvenile 125g

    Exo Dragon Grub Juvenile is a nutritious daily feed suitable for agamid lizards. Highly digestible black soldier fly larvae mixed with natural plant and fruit makes this perfect for maintaining optimal health in bearded dragons.

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  • Exo Terra Dial Thermometer

    Keep your reptile’s tank at the perfect temperature with this dial thermometer from Exo Terra. A simple design paired with a colourful display makes a nice addition to your tank, with clearly marked temperature intervals. Measure your habitat’s temperature with either celsius or fahrenheit.

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  • Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer & Probe

    Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer & Probe has a remote sensor that gives accurate measurement and durability. It can be programmed to a minimum or maximum memory setting that can be controlled with a single button! Giving accurate humidity indicators so you can create the perfect environment for your reptile.

    The sensor is held in place with a handy suction cup and can be mounted with a hook and loop fastener.

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  • Exo Terra Dragon Grub Adult 125g

    Exo Terra Dragon Grub Adult is a nutritious daily feed suitable for agamid lizards. Containing natural plant and fruit ingredients, alongside highly digestible black soldier fly larvae. Added minerals help to keep your bearded dragon healthy and happy.

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  • Exo Terra Hygrometer

    The Exo Terra Hygrometer helps you to monitor your terrarium’s humidity levels. An easy to read tool that is colour coded and has a % humidity scale.

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  • Exo Terra Wet Rock Cave

    Key Features:

    • Safe and secure hiding spot
    • Prevents stress
    • Aids the shedding process
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  • Johnsons Parrot Bumper Bar

    Johnsons Parrot Bumper Bar are extra-large sized treat bars, made with selected seeds and nuts enriched with honey.

    Key Features:

    • Extra-large sized treat bars
    • Tasty and nutritious treat
    • Containing selected seeds, nuts etc.
    • Enriched with honey
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