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  • Exo Terra Calcium+D3 Supplement 40g

    Exo Terra Calcium+D3 Supplement helps to prevent common calcium deficiency in pet reptiles. The power supplement contains high level of phosphorus-free calcium along with balanced amounts of vitamin D3 for calcium absorption.

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  • Exo Terra Dial Thermometer

    Keep your reptile’s tank at the perfect temperature with this dial thermometer from Exo Terra. A simple design paired with a colourful display makes a nice addition to your tank, with clearly marked temperature intervals. Measure your habitat’s temperature with either celsius or fahrenheit.

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  • Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer & Probe

    Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer & Probe has a remote sensor that gives accurate measurement and durability. It can be programmed to a minimum or maximum memory setting that can be controlled with a single button! Giving accurate humidity indicators so you can create the perfect environment for your reptile.

    The sensor is held in place with a handy suction cup and can be mounted with a hook and loop fastener.

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  • Exo Terra Hygrometer

    The Exo Terra Hygrometer helps you to monitor your terrarium’s humidity levels. An easy to read tool that is colour coded and has a % humidity scale.

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  • Exo Terra Large Feeding Dish

    Make dinnertime easy with an Exo Terra Feeding Dish, coated to prevent the development of harmful bacteria and easy to clean.

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  • Exo Terra Reptile Cave – Medium

    Exo Terra Reptile Caves give your reptile a proper hiding spot, a vital feature of your terrarium. Reptiles need a safe hiding area for optimum sleep. This realistic cave creates a natural hiding place for your reptile, as well as offering a cooler and more humid microclimate.

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  • Exo Terra Wet Rock Cave

    Key Features:

    • Safe and secure hiding spot
    • Prevents stress
    • Aids the shedding process
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  • ExoTerra Corner Water Dish – Medium

    Make dinnertime easy with an Exo Terra Water Dish, coated to prevent the development of harmful bacteria and easy to clean.

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  • ExoTerra Crested Gecko Food 8pk

    The Exo Terra Crested Gecko Food is a nutritious blend designed to promote healthy growth and long-term health of crested geckos and other gecko species. Geckos require a varied diet with a combination of natural fruits and protein to create a healthy diet, this food contains all of the vitamins, amino acids and trace elements that they need.

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  • Johnsons Parrot Bumper Bar

    Johnsons Parrot Bumper Bar are extra-large sized treat bars, made with selected seeds and nuts enriched with honey.

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  • Prorep Wooden Hide Desert


    Key Features:

    • A wooden hide in a desert style
    • Creates shelter for your reptile
    • Provides a basking spot
    • Available in 3 sizes
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