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  • Leovet Carrot, Mango & Rosehip Treats 1kg

    Leoveties are beneficial treats that boost your horse’s immunity and health. The treats come in a compostable pouch and contain easily digestible carbohydrates along with added vitamins A, D and E. This delicious blend of nutritious maize, grains, legumes and minerals promote optimum strength and fitness.

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  • Leovet Cold Pack 500ml

    Leovet Cold Pack 500ml is a salve that has arnica, rosemary, menthol and incense resin. Suitable for both horse and rider, this ointment provides a relaxing and cooling feeling on the muscles after a workout. Firstly, it cools and soothe and soon after, follows with a relaxing warm sensation to improve mobility.

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  • Leovet Zinc Oxide Spray 200ml

    The Zinc Oxide Spray provides a protective film over wounds, preventing sweat and other harmful influences to run off your animal’s skin. Can be used to offer relief for stressed or sensitive skin, encouraging regeneration of your horse or pony’s skin.

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