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  • Pro Rep Tortoise Dry Formula

    Pro Rep Tortoise Dry Formula is a complimentary diet for Mediterranean Tortoises, with added vitamins and minerals. The natural scents and colours aid palatability. A low protein/high fibre feed that is formulated with all-natural ingredients.

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  • Prorep Bearded Dragon Botanical Mix 80g

    The Beardie Botanical Mix is a highly nutritious blend of botanical dried leaves and flowers. Suitable to be used as part of a complimentary diet, cultivated from high-quality ingredients. Suitable for reptiles to form part of a balanced diet.

    Key Features:
    Highly nutritious
    Suitable for bearded dragons
    Botanical dried leaves and flowers

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  • ProRep Coco Husk Brick 650g

    This ProRep Coco Husk Brick is a substrate suitable for many species of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. It naturally retains moisture and contains high antibacterial properties. It is 100% natural bedding made from the fibrous husk of a coconut, with lignin to prevent rotting even under wet conditions.

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  • Prorep Live Moss 1.5L

    ProRep Live Moss is a great cage decoration or substrate and can help to provide high humidity for reptiles and amphibians that need moisture. Simply place the required mount in a container of clean water for 10 minutes.

    Key Features:
    Live moss
    Can be used in a ”wet box”
    Great for moisture loving-reptiles

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