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  • Black Sunflower Seed 12.5kg

    Black Sunflower seeds are a nutritious feed for wild birds and more nutritious than striped sunflower seeds. You can attract birds such as tits and finches with this feed.

  • Exotic Parrot Feed 12.5kg

    Supply your parrot with a tasty and nutritious feed with this exotic parrot feed. It contains a mixture of natural ingredients to give your bird an interesting and healthy diet.

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  • Kebab Bird Toy

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    Kebab Bird Toy

    Hookbill birds go crazy for the Kebab Bird Toy like cats for catnip. It satisfies their instinctual need to chew and keeps them entertained and busy. The Orignal Kebab Bird Toy is made from soft, fibrous wood pith that is completely shreddable and biodegradable.

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  • Oystershell Coarse Bird Feed 1Kg

    This coarse Oyster shell is a calcium-rich bird supplement. Add it to your bird’s diet to aid digestion and prevent calcium deficiency, a reasonably common nutritional problem found in pet birds. The oyster shell can be used in conjunction with everyday grit to help with nutrient absorption in diet and to help food movement. And the calcium itself is excellent for hardening eggshell consistency.

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  • Sunflower Hearts 12.55kg

    Sunflower hearts are sunflower seeds without the husk, they are packed with oil and protein and give small birds boosts of energy. They help to attract a variety of species from blackbirds, blue tits, collared doves, goldfinches and more.

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