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Everything You Need For A Great Doggy Day Out

Whether you’re going hiking or just for a day out with the family, your best doggy pal should be able to come along too. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of essentials to make your day out comfortable and practical for all of the family.

  • A Sturdy Lead: You’ll want a comfortable lead that gives you complete control out walking. There’s a range of options available depending on your dog’s size and needs, you can opt for one that gives your dog plenty of freedom with a retractable style, a reflective one, one for the sporty kind or an especially sturdy one!

  • A Comfortable Harness: A good quality harness can make walking all the more comfortable for you and your pup, especially while out on an adventure! Shop our range of harnesses here and find one that suits your dog’s needs, whether they’re a dachshund or a german shepherd. Give your pup some comfort in a padded harness, or kit them out to be a true adventurer with a Julius k9

  • Tasty Treats & Pouch: Make sure your dog is on their very best behaviour with tempting treats! Bring along their favourite snack as a way of rewarding good behaviour or as a way to replenish them after a hike. Protein-filled snacks help to boost your dog’s energy. Make it even easier by storing them in a handy pouch , food container or belt.

  • Poo Bags & Attachable Dispenser: Nobody wants to get caught out while on a walk! Make cleaning up after your dog easy with a variety of waste bags, dispensers and holders available. You can even get one with a built-in flashlight to make cleaning up easy day or night!

  • Toys For The Best Game Of Fetch: Make that day out one to remember with important bonding time, with the best fetch toys and interactive games you can play!

  • Collapsible Water/Food Bowl: Your pup needs a snack break too! Bring along a collapsible water bowl and food bowl to ensure they can still have their favourite food on the go. Shop our selection here.

  • Car & Travel Tools: One of the main things you’ll want to make sure of is when you’re out adventuring with your canine pal, that you can travel safely! Whether you need a car seatbelt to clip your dog in or a booster seat to keep them secure.

  • First Aid Kit: You can never be sure of when accidents happen and it’s best to be prepared! Pop a handy first aid kit into your car to avoid any mishaps while out and about.

Now that you’ve got your essentials and you’re ready to go, it’s time to pick a place! Check out our guide to dog-friendly hikes in every County in Ireland!

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