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  • Gerty Guinea Pig


    Gerty Guinea Pig

    Guinea pigs need a healthy diet with fresh vegetables and freely available hay to provide them with the fibre, vitamins and minerals they require to keep fit and healthy; the hay also helps to wear down their teeth, support their digestive system and keep them environmentally enriched.

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  • Horslyx Minis Horse Licks 650g

    Mini Horslyx is a great way of rewarding or distracting your horse or pony. A healthy alternative to a sugary treat, available in a range of flavours in a handy 650g tub. The 650g contains a 3 day supply, containing essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, selenium, copper and zinc. A high oil content helps to keep your horse’s skin and coat healthy. Added biotin, zinc and methionine keep their hooves in top condition.

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