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How to Keep your Rabbits Cool in Summer

Give your Rabbit Plenty of Shade

Keep your rabbit hutch out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Metal hutches in particular can warm up very quickly and will retain the heat throughout the day. Placing your hutch in a shaded area of your garden is ideal, preferably under a tree or large bush in order to allow some light to shine through, whilst protecting your rabbits from intense heat.  If you are unable to move your hutch, then try placing a large sun umbrella close by. This will help to break up the intensity of the sunlight.

The same applies to your rabbit run, as they are mostly made of wire mesh and are completely exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.  A lightweight cover that allows the wind to circulate and keep it ventilated, but also offers shelter from the sun, will ensure they can enjoy their exercise time without overheating.

Try placing some ceramic or slate tiles inside the rabbit hutch. They are a cold material and your rabbits will like the cooling feeling against their body as they lie on top. A tunnel or hideaway is also a great idea for inside the hutch, perfect for an extra layer of shade.

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