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Our Tips For National Lost Pet Prevention Month

Our pets are our best friends and a pet owner’s worst nightmare would be to lose their four-legged friend. Here at Buy4petsonline, we’ve come up with our top 8 tips to prevent pet loss and raise awareness of National Lost Pet Prevention Month this July.

  • Microchip your pet. Technology nowadays gives us an extra layer of security and information when we need it the most. If your pet is microchipped and they get lost, a vet or shelter can scan for the microchip, which will provide them with all of the important contact details they need to reunite pet and owner.
  • Purchase a secure collar and an ID Tag. Having a secure collar that won’t loosen and release your dog while out and about is vital, make sure that they’re comfortable in their collar while not having the ability to back out of it. Visit one of our shops to get a customised ID Tag that you can attach to the collar, with all of your important contact details incase Fido escapes!
  • Keep them on a lead. This might sound obvious, but having a secure lead connecting you with your dog while out on a walk means you always have control and won’t risk them running off to play. Make sure if they’re off lead that it’s in your own home or area you can control.
  • Secure your garden and home. One of the easiest ways a dog or cat can get loose is when they escape their yard or garden. If your pet likes to roam outside, make sure you’ve got a safe perimeter or try a Petsafe fence to give you the ultimate level of protection. 
  •  Spray and neuter your pet. Not only does it prevent overpopulation and unwanted puppies, unneutered male dogs can have a tendency to wander looking for female dogs to mate with. Neutering them helps to prevent them following their nose and getting lost!
  • Practice car safety while travelling. Dogs can easily escape while you’re out road tripping. New smells and environments can cause them to wander, some dogs could even escape if you open a window too far! Make sure that you’re dog is safely secured in your car, dogs must be secured while driving here in Ireland. A seatbelt or car harness can keep them in one place while you’re opening doors and windows.
  • Teach come and stay. ”Come” and ”stay” are two commands that give you extra control when out and about. Whether you’re going for a walk, spending time at the dog park or adventuring further afield, you don’t want you dog to take off if they seem something exciting! If your dog knows these commands and heeds to them, you can recall them when they get overwhelmed or if they escape out of a fence or door.
  • Keep your doggy documentation safe. Keep all of your dog’s documents and papers organised somewhere safe, so if your dog was to get lost you’d have everything you need to get them home quickly. Proof of ownership records such as vet documents, dog licenses, photos, vaccine records and more could come in handy.
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