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Our Tips For Preparing Your Dog For Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and while it is normally lots of fun with sweets and costumes for us humans, it can be a frightening time for your pet.

We know how those dreaded fireworks can upset your cat or dog, so we’ve compiled our top tips for keeping them calm during this spooky season!

  • Give them a safe sanctuary to hide away in, we recommend a covered space that is in a dark and cool place, where they can find peace and quiet during this time. You can cover their usual crate or give them a cave-like bed 
  • Try a natural relaxant a few days prior to the event, you can give these in sprays such as Pet Remedy or can be taken orally with a tablet such as Serene-um. These relaxants both have many benefits and help to soothe your pet using essential oils such as valerian and vetiver, sending calming signals to your pet’s anxious mind.
  • Try them in a thundershirt, these are anxiety relieving vests that can be tightened to give your dog a gentle, constant pressure that makes them feel safe and secure. Think of it as a big hug!
  • If you’re considering going out and leaving your pet alone, why not consult a friend they know that they could stay with? Ideally more rural places with less chance of fireworks will help soothe their nerves.
  • Try exercising your dog early in the evening before the fireworks might start, wearing them out with a good game of fetch and their favourite hearty dinner will keep them sleepy and full – meaning less chance of them noticing the noise.
  • Turn up the television or radio or try a white noise video to drown out the noise! You could also try to play with them with some interactive toys to keep their brains working away and distracted.

We hope these tips and tricks help you keep your best friend happy and calm during what can be a scary time for pups! Be sure to let us know what you do to keep your pet relaxed.

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