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Our Top Picks For Tough Chewers

Some of our canine friends like to enjoy their toys in the best way possible – by tearing them to shreds!

If you have a dog who needs a solid chew toy, look no more! Our team at Buy4Pets have the answers to your questions and have chosen our top toys that are built specifically with tough chewers in mind, ready for some rough and tough play!

Q. What should I look for when I’m shopping for a heavy-duty toy?

A. You need to consider what materials will withstand those strong jaws, we suggest looking for toys made from rubber or thick rope. Suitably tough materials will help to prolong the life of your pup’s favourite toy, rubber is sturdy and hard to rip and rope is durable while being easily washable.

Q. What toys should I avoid?

A. If you have a power chewing puppy, make sure you avoid any soft, squeaky toys. They’ll easily tear through them and could injure themselves if they swallow the squeaker inside. They work well for interactive and supervised play, but should never be given to a tough chewer unsupervised. Soft teddies and latex toys are also a no-go, they are easily torn up and your four-legged friend could ingest their insides which wouldn’t be fun for anyone!

Q. What style of toys work best?

A. When shopping for a tough toy, you should consider the following; bone-shaped toys, rubber balls, heavy-duty tug toys, tough toys that hide treats, you should opt for larger sized toys as smaller ones can cause choking hazards.

Six Strong Picks:

  1. Nylabone Extreme Chew Double Bone: this sturdy bone toy has ribs that massage your dog’s gums as they chew.
  2. KONG Extreme: is a reliable toy that offers enrichment and helps satisfy dogs’ instinctual needs.
  3. Benebone Maplestick: a durable fetch and chew toy, allowing your dog to get a great chew everytime.
  4. Pet Love Nuzzle Puzzle Jack:  a fun and tough toy that encourages your dog to use their natural foraging skills.
  5. KONG Extreme Ball & Rope: this tough rubber ball is designed for durability, with a cotton rope for playing tug.
  6. K9 Connectable Tough Toothies: encourages the dog to chew on the grooves along the side of the toy.

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