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Our Ultimate Puppy Starter Guide

Nothing is sweeter than the feeling of introducing a new furry friend into your family. From potty training to choosing the right food for your puppy, there’s a lot to consider! 

Our Buy4Pets Team have done it all before, and we’re here to help you make it easier! Follow our easy guide to make those first few weeks an enjoyable adventure.


1. Find the right puppy for you;

It’s important to consider what kind of dog will suit you and your lifestyle. The top things to consider are; size, activity level, allergies and fur, what other pets and children you have. 

A smaller dog might suit you if you live in an apartment, a high-activity level dog will suit you if you have time to give, perhaps you have a little one with an allergy that needs minimal shedding? Whatever your family’s needs are, they need to be considered when researching what kind of puppy will suit you!


2. Puppy-proof your home;

Let’s be honest, puppies are like toddlers, they like to play and don’t pay attention to what gets in the way! Save your favourite furniture and create a ”puppy zone” where you can keep your dog’s crate, toys and beds. Consider what areas you want to keep your puppy away from, consider installing some baby gates and store away any dangerous items like electrical cords, chewable shoes and cushions and keep bins tightly locked. You can try an anti-chew spray for keeping things non-chewed and a lint roller to keep things as fur-free as possible!


3. Gather Essential Supplies;

There is a wonderland of dog food, toys, beds and more out there! We know it’s easy to get flustered while hunting through the masses, so we have made it easy by combining it all for you! Check out our Puppy Starter Pack Category where you’ll find everything you need! We recommend you pick up the following to make those first few weeks easy; 


4. Find A reliable vet and finalise paperwork;

This might sound boring and the last thing anybody wants to do when they get that bundle of joy handed to them, but it is important too! When you get your puppy, make sure you know what vaccines they have left to get, whether they’re microchipped and find a local vet you can rely on to get your pup comfortable with. Finish off ownership forms, and consider dog insurance then keep all of their vaccination cards/paperwork in a little puppy folder! 


5. Start The Training;

Training is a great way to bond and make a connection with your puppy, by establishing boundaries and introducing reward training, your puppy will learn that good behaviour earns great rewards! Why not bring your new friend along to a puppy class to socialise them while learning something new at the same time? You can check out our training tools and training treats here.

We hope our guide to puppy parenthood helped you out! Check out our Puppy Starter Pack Category to save on all the essentials you’ll need!

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