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  • Whiskas Dry Cat Food 2kg

    Whiskas Cat Food has been carefully prepared with delicious high quality ingredients, containing all the essential nutrients and vitamins that your cat naturally needs to be healthy and happy. Give them a complete and balanced diet with Whiskas.

    Key Features:

    • Complete Dry pet food for adult cats.
    • Tasty filled pockets
    • Multiple flavour options
    • With Omega 6 fatty acids and Zinc to help support a healthy skin and coat
    • With Vitamin A for strong vision
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  • Whiskas Kitten Dry Food – Chicken 2kg

    Whiskas Kitten Food is a complete dry food for your growing kitten, giving them all of the nutrients and essential vitamins they need to grow big and strong! A tasty chicken flavour with a smaller kibble size, making it easy for them to eat their favourite meal.


    • 100 percent complete and balanced kitten dry food
    • Contains all the nutrients your kitten needs to grow into a healthy cat
    • Tasty filled pockets with milk in the soft centre
    • Calcium to help support the development of strong bones
    • Vitamin E and minerals to help support your cat’s natural defences
    • Extra small kibble size
  • Whiskas Senior 7+ Dry Cat Food – Chicken 1.9kg

    Whiskas Senior 7+ Dry Cat Food with chicken is formulated with the correct nutrients for your older cat. Containing delicious, crunchy kibble with a succulent centre. A complete and balanced feed that takes your senior cat’s needs into mind, keeping them full of energy and vitality as they age.


    • Perfect for senior cats over 7
    • Crunchy kibbles with soft centre
    • Keeps your older cat full of vitality


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