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Playtime isn’t just for cats and dogs, birds are incredibly smart and because of this they need lots of mental stimulation for their health. This can be provided through fun toys and games to get their brains working away! Bells, trimming perches and natural chews at Buy4Pets will supply your pet birds with endless fun.

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  • Bird Trimming Perch

    Nail trimming perches gently take off the sharp points of your birds nails saving you stressful vets trips or being scratched when handling your bird.

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  • Groovy Colour Blocks Bird Toy Small

    Colourful and safe your bird will love chewing on these natural wood pieces. They encourage natural chewing, stimulate the senses and encourages playful instincts. Use only under supervision and remove if parts become separated.

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  • Happy Pet 3Pk Bird Toy Set

    This Fun at the Fair Bird Toy Multipack is a great starter set of toys to keep any small bird entertained. Hours of stimukated fun for your bird.

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  • Kebab Bird Toy


    Kebab Bird Toy

    Hookbill birds go crazy for the Kebab Bird Toy like cats for catnip. It satisfies their instinctual need to chew and keeps them entertained and busy. The Orignal Kebab Bird Toy is made from soft, fibrous wood pith that is completely shreddable and biodegradable.

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  • Mirror & Dish Bird Toy

    This fun toy is made from quality plastic and is an ideal way to provide your pet some entertainment and comfort with a feeding dish that’s large enough for multiple feeding and a mirror that allows your bird to see their own reflection.

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  • Pawise Colour Rings & Bell Toy

    These fun coloured rings from Pawise come complete with a bell for your bird to play with.

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  • Pawise Multi Rings & Bell Toy

    The Pawise Multi Rings & Bell Toy keeps your bird entertained while in their cage, with bells and rings for them to play with.

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  • Pawise Spinning Mirror Bird Toy

    This is a fun and colourful toy your bird will enjoy, various colours dispatched. One piece only.

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  • Spiral Perch Rope Toy

    This is a fun toy suitable for parrots and similar sized birds.

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  • Trixie Climbing Rope 60cm

    Made of pure cotton material, suitable for nibbling, climbing, playing and swinging.

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  • Trixie Nibbling Swing

    This Nibbling Swing from Trixie has a natural look, perfect for keeping your bird entertained. Made of 100% natural materials, such as wood, coconut and wicker. Perfect for birds such as large parakeets and cockatiels.

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  • Trixie Suspension Wood Bridge 45cm

    This suspension bridge is made of 100% natural materials, allowing your bird to have fun and exercise. Ideal for budgies and cockatiels.

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  • Trixie Swing On A Rope 27x27cm

    This fun swing on a rope offers your bird entertainment and exercise in a fun way. Made from natural wood.

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  • Trixie Toy Rings With Chain/Bell 25cm

    This Trixie Bird Toy has olympic rings with a chain and bell, to keep your bird busy at all times. It easily hooks onto the cage bars.

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