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  • KONG Flingaroo Tutu

    KONG Flingaroo Tutu launches cats into pirouettes of healthy, instinct-satisfying pounce-and-capture play. This ballerina mouse features a tulle puff that’s easy to grab and dangling paws that make dragging even more delightful. Jingling bells in feet and KONG Premium North American Catnip extend the paw de deux.

    • Lightweight tulle ballerina ignites fling-and-capture fun
    • Dangling feet spark hunting instincts
    • Bells in paws keep cats engaged
    • Puffy tulle tutu is easy to grab for satisfying capturing
    • KONG Premium North American Catnip extends the dance
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  • KONG Refillables Ladybug

    KONG Refillables Critter Collection’s eye-catching pals’ re-closable pouches allow catnip to be refreshed for endlessly engaging play. Adorable, shiny critters spark hunting instincts. Lightweight for pouncing and batting, their limbs entice dragging adventures. Includes tube of KONG Premium North American Catnip.

    • Eye-catching critters spark hunting instincts
    • Re-closable pouch for refreshing catnip
    • Includes tube of KONG Premium North American Catnip
    • Lightweight toys ideal for pouncing and batting
    • Assorted limbs entice dragging fun
    • Store catnip in freezer to keep fresh
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  • KONG Wrangler Avocato Cat Toy

    KONG Wrangler AvoCATo satisfies cats’ hunger for wrestling with a curved shaped and a crinkly soft body that invites healthy wrestling. The lightweight, tethered yarn ball sparks batting fun with an erratic bounce and rattle sounds that reward natural instincts. A long tail invites catch and capture play while KONG Premium North American Catnip ensures a long, stimulating fiesta of fun.

    • Curved shape and soft, crinkly body invite healthy wrestling
    • Interior tethered yarn ball sparks batting fun
    • Long tail ideal for catch and capture play
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