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Cats love to be clean, after all, they spend 50% of their time grooming! There are numerous types of litter to suit every home, from biodegradable to odour reducing or even flushable! Choosing the right one will minimise any smell and make changing your cat’s litter as easy as possible.

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  • Catsan Hygiene Plus Litter

    Catsan Hygiene plus cat litter has a special formula created in mindof your cat’s natural needs. The litter’s fine surface quickly absorbs urine and locks it in to prevent smells from escaping, keeping your cat’s litter box clean and easy to maintain.

    Three times more effective than your usual cat litter with extremely low dust and a hygienic white appearance from natural quartz and lime.

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  • Cheeko Small/Medium Litter Box Liners 10pk

    Cheeko Litter Liners make cleaning up your cat litter box easier, the liners are heavy-duty and good quality and are 100% eco-friendly.

    Key Features:
    Heavy duty
    More puncture resistant than other brands
    Fast, convenient litter liners
    Ideal for multi-cat households

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  • Huskaloo Coconut Cat Litter 1.5kg

    Huskaloo Coconut Cat Litter is made from the husk of coconuts, making it a super absorbent, biodegradable and naturally hypo-allergenic product.

    Huskaloo is treated with bicarbonate of soda, so it stays fresh and odour free during use. A natural product that will biodegrade in your garden compost, the packaging is also biodegradable.


    • Place a brick in your cat’s litter tray
    • Add 8oz (227ml) of hot water from the tap using the measuring cup
    • Let sit for 30 seconds until water is absorbed
    • Break up the pieces into a comfy bed
    • Remove solids daily and stir the litter to ensure maximum odour control
    • After four days, add to compost or use as soil additive to enhance plant growth
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  • KittyFriend AntiBac Cat Litter 25L

    Purchase in-store only – find us here!


    Your cat will have maximum hygiene thanks to the Kittyfriend antibacterial litter. This is a high-quality litter with powerful antibacterial action that efficiently absorbs and controls unwanted odours

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  • KittyFriend Classic Cat Litter 30L

    Purchase in-store only – find us here!


    KittyFriend Classic is a simple and natural cat litter, free from perfumes or nasty chemicals. Its powerful absorption helps cats feel like they are in their natural environment.

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  • Moderna Cat Litter Scoop – Grey

    This is a useful scoop to make cleaning your cat’s litter cleaner and easier.

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  • Petmode Cat Litter Scoop

    This easy-to-use litter scoop makes cleaning your cat’s litter tray easier. In a hard-wearing plastic material that can be easily cleaned.

    Key Features:
    Hard-wearing plastic litter scoop
    Various colour may be dispatched

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  • Replacement Blue Crystal Litter Tray – 1

    The ScoopFree® disposable litter tray is the reason you can leave ScoopFree® self-cleaning litter boxes alone for weeks at a time. With disposable trays, you don’t have to see, touch or smell messy waste. Simply replace the disposable tray every few weeks and your ScoopFree® litter box is just like new. Each tray is pre-filled with Premium Blue Crystals litter for unbeatable odour control that’s 5 times more effective than regular clay and clumping litters. Low-tracking and odour-reducing crystal litter keeps your home litter-free and smelling great.
    Bundle description

    The ScoopFree® disposable litter tray is the reason you can leave ScoopFree® self-cleaning litter boxes alone for weeks at a time.
    Key Features

    Premium Blue Crystal Litter reduces odour 5 times better than clay and clumping litter
    Disposable tray for hands-off convenience
    Covered waste trap locks in odour and leaves litter box smelling clean and fresh
    Uses 5-10x less litter than clay or clumping litter
    Low-tracking crystals don’t stick to your cat’s feet
    99% dust free
    Plastic tray lining creates a powerful extra barrier to help protect against leaks
    Absorbs urine on contact and dries solid waste to reduce odour
    Each tray weighs only 3 kg (including 2 kg of litter)
    Conveniently stack & store trays

    More information
    Litter Tray Replacement
    Number of Cats Average Litter Tray Life
    1 20-30 days
    2 10-15 days
    3 7-10 days
    4+ 7 days

    Best Use Tips

    Your cat’s age, health and diet also affect her waste. You might need to replace the litter tray more often if your cat:
    Is under 6 months old
    Is over 10 years old
    Has health problems
    Eats a diet high in crude fiber, ash and byproducts
    Never add litter to your ScoopFree® Litter Box or use another brand or type of litter. The Premium Blue Crystal Litter in the disposable litter tray is formulated especially for ScoopFree® litter boxes.
    ScoopFree® litter trays can be used by themselves as portable, disposable litter boxes. Scoop the waste under the waste trap flap or replace the tray when needed. Mix the litter daily to reduce odours.

    Compatible with any ScoopFree® Litter Box

    Please read our Petsafe Product Procedures if you experience any issues with a Petsafe product.

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  • Supreme Keep It Clean Lavender Spray

    Supreme Keep It Clean Lavender Spray is ideal for both cage and hutch cleaning. It reduces stubborn odours, germs and bacteria while reducing the risk of flystrike. Can be sprayed on bedding and accessories.

  • Trixie Fresh N Easy Litter

    Trixie Fresh N Easy Litter has a silicate gel that absorbs urine and neutralises odours. Its clever formula is made from 100% natural resources and has antibacterial effects. It is a lightweight litter that is suitable for allergy sufferers and minimises dust.

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  • Vitakraft Magic Clean Cat Litter 5L

    Vitakraft Magic Clean Cat Litter is 4 times more absorbent and effective than normal litters! A hard-working litter that absorbs pesky smells in seconds, it prevents unpleasant odours in your home. With anti-bacterial effects, it is particularly low in dust and is made from pure minerals. De-composable it ensures that no harmful waste is left from the litter making it an eco-friendly choice.

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