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Cats love to be clean, after all, they spend 50% of their time grooming! There are numerous types of litter to suit every home, from biodegradable to odour reducing or even flushable! Choosing the right one will minimise any smell and make changing your cat’s litter as easy as possible.

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  • Armitage Deluxe Silver Litter Scoop

    This strong and sturdy cat litter scoop makes cleaning up easy.

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  • Beco Litter Scoop

    The Beco Litter Scoop is made from 80% bamboo and rice husk fibres, both materials are ethically sourced as bi-products from other agricultural processes. Less dust and biodegradable.

  • Canac Cat Litter Deodoriser 200g

    Canac Cat Litter Deodoriser 200g neutralises smells and your cat’s litter tray, it has a herbal fresh fragrance and is suitable for all kinds of cat litter.

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  • Cat Best Plus Cat Litter 30L

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    CatBest OkiPlus Organic Litter is made from 100% pure organic fibre that binds liquid and odour effectively inside the fibre and boasts up to 3 times higher yield than mineral-based cat litters. Compostable and 100% biodegradable.

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  • Cat Litter Tray Plastic

    Plastic cat litter tray with rim, easy to clean. Can be used with liner and suitable for most cats.

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  • CatBest OkiPlus Organic Litter

    CatBest OkiPlus Organic Litter is made from 100% pure organic fibre that binds liquid and odour effectively inside the fibre and boasts up to 3 times higher yield than mineral-based cat litters. Compostable and 100% biodegradable.

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  • Catit Carbon Filter Pads 2pk

    Catit Carbon Filter Pads are for use with the Catit Hooded Cat Pans, Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pans, and Catit Style Jumbo Hooded Cat Pans.
    High-quality carbon insert removes odours from the litter pan. The highly active carbon pad traps odours passing through the filter, keeping the litter pan smelling fresh and clean

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  • Catsan Hygiene Plus Litter

    Catsan Hygiene plus cat litter has a special formula created in mindof your cat’s natural needs. The litter’s fine surface quickly absorbs urine and locks it in to prevent smells from escaping, keeping your cat’s litter box clean and easy to maintain.

    Three times more effective than your usual cat litter with extremely low dust and a hygienic white appearance from natural quartz and lime.

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  • Golden Kat Litter 5L

    Golden Kat litter is a highly absorbent clumping litter with powerful odour control. With a fresh baby powder scent.

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  • Huskaloo Coconut Cat Litter 1.5kg

    Huskaloo Coconut Cat Litter is made from the husk of coconuts, making it a super absorbent, biodegradable and naturally hypo-allergenic product.

    Huskaloo is treated with bicarbonate of soda, so it stays fresh and odour free during use. A natural product that will biodegrade in your garden compost, the packaging is also biodegradable.


    • Place a brick in your cat’s litter tray
    • Add 8oz (227ml) of hot water from the tap using the measuring cup
    • Let sit for 30 seconds until water is absorbed
    • Break up the pieces into a comfy bed
    • Remove solids daily and stir the litter to ensure maximum odour control
    • After four days, add to compost or use as soil additive to enhance plant growth
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  • KittyFriend AntiBac Cat Litter 25L

    Purchase in-store only – find us here!


    Your cat will have maximum hygiene thanks to the Kittyfriend antibacterial litter. This is a high-quality litter with powerful antibacterial action that efficiently absorbs and controls unwanted odours

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  • KittyFriend Classic Cat Litter 30L

    Purchase in-store only – find us here!


    KittyFriend Classic is a simple and natural cat litter, free from perfumes or nasty chemicals. Its powerful absorption helps cats feel like they are in their natural environment.

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  • Moderna Cat Litter Scoop – Grey

    This is a useful scoop to make cleaning your cat’s litter cleaner and easier.

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  • Sepicat Cat Litter 8L

    Sepicat Cat Litter is an environmentally friendly high-quality absorbent cat litter. Its made from 100% natural mineral components that are safe for animals and humans. It effectively absorbs liquid and prevents smells from reaching your home.

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  • Thomas Cat Litter

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    Thomas Cat Litter

    Thomas Cat Litter is a purely natural mineral litter that is highly absorbent. Its high absorbency helps to slow the development of odours and doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws or coat, making cleaning up much easier.

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  • Trixie Cat Litter Deodorizer Baby Power 750g

    Trixie Cat Litter Deodorizers neutralise unpleasant odours and freshen up the room your cat litter is in. It prolongs the length of time between litter replacements and is suitable for small or large cats.

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  • Woody Cat Litter 25L

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    Woody Cat Litter is a natural wood-based pellet litter, which is highly absorbent. A purely natural product made from compressed wood fibres, making it environmentally friendly and can be disposed of in a composting bin or garden. Simply place a layer into your cat litter tray and replace it when required.

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