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Sharpen your cat’s claws while saving your furniture with one of our many cat scratchers. Door scratchers, kitten trees and towers fit for a feline family, at Buy4Pets we have castles fit for all kitty kings and queens!

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  • Altea Scratching Post 117cm

    The Altea Scratching Post has plush padded platforms, and a fun toy to play with. It is 117cm tall, and gives plenty of room for your kitties to play all day! Platinum grey colour.

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  • Espejo Scratching Post Beige 69cm

    Espejo Scratching Post in beige gives your cat the perfect place to sharpen their claws while saving your furniture! Made from durable sisal, they can jump, climb and relax on top of the plush platform.

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  • Parla Scratching Post 62cm

    Parla Scratching Post has a plush cover, with a post wrapped in natural sisal. Suitable for cats of all ages.

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  • Pawise Cats Den Scratcher 40x40x82cm

    Pawise Cats Den Scratcher satisfys your cat’s need to scratch, this post is robust and easily assembled. Encouraging your cat’s natural behaviour while protecting your furniture. Includes cave and play toy.

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  • Trixie Alicante Scratching Post 142cm

    A kingdom fit for a kitty! With multiple platforms, posts and a cuddly cave, your cat will love this scratching post. Three platforms offer multiple height levels for senior cats or the more adventurous kitten. With a grey plush cover and natural sisal, this is a high-quality scratching post sure to offer hours of fun.

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  • Trixie Alicia Cuddly Cave 48x48x38cm

    The Trixie Alicia Cuddly Cave has a plush cover with a sisal scratching surface and beechwood feet. The cave is fitted with plush, with a reversible cushion that’s hand washable.

  • Trixie Badalona Scratching Post

    The Trixie Badalona Scratching Post helps to protect your upholstery and carpets from sharp cat claws. A high-quality scratching post made from durable sisal, with two platforms and a cave.

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  • Trixie Toledo Scratching Post Brown 61cm

    The Toledo Scratching Post has sturdy sisal posts, with a soft plush lining. Complete with a fun pawprint design, it has a platform, a cave and a hanging toy to encourage healthy playing and exercise.

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  • Trixie Valencia Scratch Post 71cm

    Bring out the tiger in your kitty with the Valencia Cat Scratching Post. Ideal for one or more cats, it gives them a cuddly cave to hide in and two platforms to snooze on. Complete with a fun ball toy and sisal scratching posts.

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  • Trixie Vitoria Scratching Post 43cm

    The Trixie Vitoria Scratching Post is the perfect junior scratching post. With a swinging toy ball, an arch to hide under and a cushy pedestal for your kitty to sit on, they’ll have plenty of entertainment.

  • Zamora Scratching Post Beige

    Perfect for kittens or smaller cats, the Zamora Scratching Post provides a comfortable perch for your cat to relax on, a hiding hole for cat naps and a durable sisal scratching post to sharpen their claws.

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