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Dog training is a fantastic way to strengthen the bond between pet and owner. There are a ton of benefits that come with it, including good household manners, mental stimulation and an overall deepening of the bond with your dog. At Buy4Pets we stock dog whistles and clickers for recall training, Halti harnesses to finally stop that pulling, and dog training treats to reward them after a satisfying session!


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  • Acme Shepherds Whistle 576 Black

    Great for dog training, the Acme Shepherd’s Whistle, sometimes called the Shepherd’s Lip Whistle, is a professional model. Used by many dog trainers who consider this whistle to be the ultimate for communication with your dog, it allows the trainer to create a crescendo of sound in varying pitches.

  • Acme Whistle 210

    Easy to blow with an instant response the Acme Whistle is a traditional, finger grip whistle. Made in England it is considered one of the best-tapered mouthpiece whistles. It has a natural corkball (pea) and is totally waterproof for use in any weather. Nickel-plated.

  • Acme Whistle 211.5

    Perfect for essential dog training this plastic dog whistle made by Acme is lightweight and easy to carry. It is easy to blow and has a high tone dog whistle with a solid tone and a single frequency.

  • Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

    The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is humanely designed to allow dogs to pant, eat/drink while the muzzle is on. The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle can be heat-shaped to fit your dog’s unique shape & size. See fitting instructions for more info and how to find the best size of muzzle for your dog. For dogs that are reactive around other dogs, people & new situations like vet visits, the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is a great choice

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  • Cheeko Puppy Training Pads


    • Scented to attract your pet to use the pad
    • Ultra absorbent
    • Suitable for puppy’s & senior dogs
    • Makes house training puppy’s simple
    • Plastic lining to prevent leaks on to the floor
  • Clix Multi Purpose Whistle

    The Clix Multi Purpose Whistle is a good all-round whistle for both the pet dog owner and professional trainer. Made from tough steel, yet still a lightweight design which provides a clear, strong sound. Whistles are ideal for recall, distance training and control and a training guide is included.


  • Clix Silent Whistle

    “Silent” whistles are well suited for training breeds that are noise sensitive such as Wheaten Terriers and Border Collies.The Clix Silent Whistle is compact, lightweight making it perfect for training inside or outside. Please note: This dog whistle is slightly audible to human ears. An adjustment screw is included to alter the pitch. Training guide included.

  • Easy Walk Harness Extra Large Red)

    The Petsafe Easy Walk Harness gently discourages your dog from pulling on the leash. Easy to fit and comfortable to wear, the Easy Walk Harness makes walking enjoyable for you and your dog.

    NO PULL – The Easy Walk Harness uses your companion’s opposition reflex to reduce pressure on its lead, gently steering your furry friend to your side to stop pulling in its tracks
    TRAINING – Almost immediately improving loose lead walking, the Easy Walk Harness directs your Dog’s attention back to the owner with every pull, quickly and effectively helping Pets to break the habit
    COMFORTABLE CONTROL – Keeping your Pet comfortable, the Martingale Chest Loop prevents choking, gagging or coughing, keeping pressure away from your Dog’s neck while still keeping you in Control
    ADJUSTABLE – To prevent chafing, the 4 Adjustment Points of the Easy Walk Harness ensure a reliable and comfortable fit for your furry friend.

    Please read our Petsafe Product Procedures if you experience any issues with a Petsafe product.

  • Halti Front Control Harness

    The Halti Front Control Harness is a must have for pet parents looking to prevent pulling. It’s clever design helps to put a stop to pulling from the front and keeps you and your dog comfortable.

    • Comfortable control
    • Easy to use
    • Durable and dependable
    • Better together
  • Halti Head Collar

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    Halti Head Collar

    It is easy to see why HALTI is one of the best-selling headcollars in the world! If you have a large powerful dog or one that pulls on the lead, you will know how exhausting walks can be. Dogs of all sizes can pull on the lead to the point of choking themselves. The HALTI was designed by Dr. Roger Mugford to come to the rescue of such dogs and their owners. Its revolutionary design is based on the same principle as a horse’s headcollar – if you guide the head, the body will surely follow. Naturally following the contours of a dogs face and positioned well down the dog’s nose, the HALTI gives you maximum steering power and control. The particular advantage of the HALTI is its unique on-off muzzle-closing effect: when the dog attempts to lunge forward or attack, his jaws are closed by the slip ring. When he is relaxed or friendly, he can pant easily and act just like a dog. The soft material and careful design and construction ensures the HALTI is comfortable and in many dogs can create a pronounced calming effect. HALTI comes in six sizes and all HALTI’s have a padded nose band for extra comfort.

  • Halti No Pull Harness

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    Halti No Pull Harness

    The Halti no pull harness is the newest addition to the company of animals range of Halti no pull training products. For dogs that pull on the leash, The Halti no pull harness is a comfortable way to retrain your dog to walk without pulling while allowing for full range of motion and comfort when in use.


    Uniquely designed with a stop-pull lifting feature that is activated when dogs begin to pull on the leash, thereby correcting them to stop pulling and walk at your speed. A no-slip padded chest panel on the Halti no pull harness keeps pressure off of your dog’s shoulders and neck while providing them with support as they walk. This front pouch is great for stowing small essentials like poop bags during walks.

  • Halti Training Lead

    The Halti Training Lead is a multi-functional training lead designed to provide optimal steering control and comfort when used with other Halti Headcollars and no pull harnesses. The Halti Training Lead works in 7 different ways for short, medium and long Lead-length training, hands-free walking and training, walking two dogs from one Lead, and for easy, supervised tethering at public restaurants, and outdoor seating areas. The Halti Training Lead comes in two different colours and sizes to best suit your pet parenting, dog training and walking needs. Halti Products are better together! Combine the Halti Training Lead with the Halti Front Control Harness, Halti No Pull Harness and Halti Headcollar for the optimal support, comfort and control for all of your non-pull needs.

  • Johnsons Anti-Chew Repellent 145ml

    Johnsons Anti-Chew Repellent helps to deter destructive chewing and self-harm. Its bitter-tasting formula is harmless to pets and it comes in a handy pump bottle for ease of use.

  • Johnsons Puppy & Kitten Trainer 150ml

    Johnson’s Puppy and Kitten Trainer is an aid for house training puppies and kittens. Simply spray onto the area such as a puppy training pad to encourage them to use these.

  • Mikki Nylon Muzzle

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    Mikki Nylon Muzzle

    Lightweight, comfortable and safe nylon muzzle. Allows panting, drinking and treat training. Quick and easy to fit. An essential item for dogs that chase or may bite.

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  • Mikki Nylon Muzzle

    Lightweight, comfortable and safe nylon muzzle. Allows panting, drinking and treat training. Quick and easy to fit. An essential item for dogs that chase or may bite.

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  • Out Urine Destroyer 1Lt

    OUT! Urine Destroyer eliminates even the strongest dog and cat urine odours and stains with a proven and powerful formula. Urine Destroyer uses a natural Pro-Bacteria and enzyme formula that removes urine stains, odours and pheromones. It quickly neutralises odours instead of covering them up, so pets won’t revisit and re-soil the same spots.

  • Pet Corrector Holster For 50Ml

    The must have accessory for the pet corrector users. With a belt clip & ring hook attachments, the holster can easily be attached to any belt or pocket. The holster is designed to fit a 50ml can of pet corrector.

  • Pet Corrector Spray 200Ml

    Stops barking: Help train your dog to stop excessive barking with Pet Corrector. Pet Corrector works by emitting a harmless hiss of air to interrupt barking & help you train “no bark” & other useful training commands. 

    Hiss sound: Pet Corrector retrains dog behaviours by emitting a hissing sound mimicking natural warning sounds that cats & other animals make. This interrupts actions and allows you to retrain habits like jumping up & barking

    Great for dog training: We love our dogs so training them humanely is important. Pet Corrector is a constructive & positive way to interrupt bad habits & retrain better behaviours for peace of mind around the house & in public

    Uses per can:  For 200ml cans, Pet Corrector has enough air for about 200 uses. Pet Corrector is best used in short bursts

    Safety First: Pet Corrector is not recommended for use with Puppies and should never be pointed directly at a dog, nor any part near your body. Pet Corrector is not a toy and should be used only by adults and professionals.


  • Petsafe Citronella Refill Can

    This Spray Control™ Citronella Refill Can works with all PetSafe® Spray products including Bark Control and Remote Training. (Excluding: PDT19-16397, PBC19-16370, PDT19-16397 & PBC19-16370)
    Key Features

    200 spray refills per can
    Environmentally friendly

    Compatible with any PetSafe® spray Bark Control Collar or spray Remote Trainer (Excluding: PDT19-16397, PBC19-16370, PDT19-16397 & PBC19-16370)


    Please read our Petsafe Product Procedures if you experience any issues with a Petsafe product.

  • Petsafe Deluxe Outdoor Bark Control

    When the Petsafe®’s deluxe outdoor bark control unit is within range of  barking an internal microphone picks up the barking and the unit is automatically activated.The deluxe bark control unit emits an ultrasonic sound which can be heard by dogs but is silent to most humans, the high pitched sound should startle your dog,the dog should stop barking and will associate its barking with the high pitched sound. The digital timer can be programmed to turn the unit on and off at specific times during the day and night.The outdoor bark control unit is weatherproof and can be hung from a tree or fence,ensure the unit is facing and within range of the barking dog.

  • Petsafe Deluxe Spray Trainer 275M

    The PetSafe remote spray trainer is designed to help train your dog with a burst of spray. Whether you are taking an off-lead walk outdoors or working on commands at home, this remote spray trainer makes dog training easy. The collar has three training options- tone, vibration and spray stimulation and a range of up to 300 m, making this collar ideal for small hikes and public outings with your pup.


    CLICK HERE to download Deluxe Spray Trainer Manual.


    Please read our Petsafe Product Procedures if you experience any issues with a Petsafe product.

  • Petsafe Smart Dog Trainer

    The PetSafe® SMART DOG™ Trainer is the newest way to train your dog!


    The SMART DOG™ Trainer App eliminates the need for the handheld remote used with most trainers. Using Bluetooth® technology, your smartphone or tablet connects to the training collar and allows you to send a tone, vibration or static stimulation to your dog’s training collar from up to 70 metres away.

    This training collar is the perfect match for pet parents who are in the process of training their dog and have a smartphone. The SMART DOG™ Trainer can be used to reinforce desirable behaviours and stop unwanted behaviours such as jumping, digging, etc.

    Key Features

    Turns your smartphone into a remote
    Range up to 70 metres
    One level of tone (beep)
    One level of vibration stimulation
    15 adjustable levels of static stimulation
    Waterproof & Rechargeable

    Battery Charge Time
    Battery recharges in 4-5 hours
    Collar Size
    Fits neck sizes up to 71 cm
    More information
    Requires a Bluetooth® 4.0 compatible phone with one of the following operating systems: iOS 8 or later / Android 5 or later.
    Water resistant
    System includes

    Training Collar with Adjustable, Replaceable Nylon Strap
    Free PetSafe® SMART DOG™ Trainer App
    Charging Adaptor
    Quick Start Guide

    CLICK HERE to download the Smart Dog Trainer Manual.

    Please read our Petsafe Product Procedures if you experience any issues with a Petsafe product.

  • Petsafe Spray Refill – Unscented Cartridges

    The PetSafe® Spray Refill cartridges are easy to replace with no mess. Simply remove the empty cartridge and replace with the new one. The unscented refill cartridges are great for sensitive dogs – a small spray to the snout without added scented oils or fragrances. The PetSafe® Spray Refill cartridge is 100% recyclable and safe for you and your dog!
    Key Features

    Compatible Collars – The PetSafe® Spray Refill – Unscented is for use with the PetSafe® Spray Bark and Training collars; it is NOT compatible with the PetSafe® GentleSpray®, Elite Big Dog and Little Dog Spray Bark Collars or Elite Big Dog and Little Dog Spray Trainers.
    Easy-to-Replace – The refill cartridges are easy to replace; simply remove the empty cartridge and replace with the new refill cartridge.
    100% Recyclable – The disposable PetSafe® Spray Refill cartridges are 100% recyclable

    System includes
    3 Unscented Spray Refills


    Please read our Petsafe Product Procedures if you experience any issues with a Petsafe product.

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