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Time to kit your aquarium out with a range of decor suitable for any aqua enthusiast! Turn your tank into a pirate’s ship or roman ruins with fantastical ornaments and plants that can change your tank into anything you like.

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  • API Algae Pad For Glass Aquariums

    The API Algae Pad For Glass Aquariums is a sturdy and long-lasting pad to give you handheld control to clean algae in your tank. Easy to use, you can reach into awkward nooks and crannies. The pad works to scrape and remove the algae and can be used as regularly as needed.

    Key Features:
    Sturdy and long-lasting
    Suitable for glass tanks
    Scrapes and removes algae

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  • Boyu LCD Digital Thermometer

    The Boyu LCD Digital Thermometer is a neat digital thermometer that makes it easier to read the temperature of the water in your tank.

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  • Cheeko Algae Magnet Cleaner

    This magnet cleaner is a great tool to clean your aquarium glass without getting your hands wet or making unneccessary mess. Simply place magnet on each side of the glass to connect the cleaner together and move around the glass to clean away algae. 

    Key Features:

    • An easy way to clean aquarium glass
    • Multiple sizes available
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  • Classic Front End Loader

    Turn your aquarium into a constructionCreate your site with this fun front loader ornament. Suitable for freshwater aquariums, this ornament is hand-crafted.

    Key Features:
    Hand-painted with non-toxic paints
    Superb details and intricacy

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  • Classic Swim-Through Tunnel Ornament

    Create a fun and enjoyable experience for your fish with this Swim-Through Tunnel Ornament from Classic. Classic ornaments are made with polyresin and hand-painted with non-toxic paints.

    Key Features:
    A fun swim-through ornament for your fish to enjoy
    Made with polyresin
    Painted with non-toxic paints

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  • Classic Watermill Ornament

    This Classic Watermill Ornament is a high-quality ornament with fantastic details. Hand-painted with non-toxic paints, simply wash before using.

    Key Features:
    High-quality ornament
    Watermill design

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  • Cumberland Jems Gravel 2.27kg

    Betta Decorative Aquarium Gravel is a high-quality gravel, coated in acrylic and suitable for decorating aquariums, terrariums, vivariums, ponds and more. The gravel is inert which means it won’t raise the pH levels in the water. Always rinse before use.

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  • Elite Silicone Airline Tubing 20ft

    Elite Silicone Airline Tubing is safe and dependable, it can be used with air stones, Marina airline tubing is safe and dependable for use with air stones, air driven ornaments and air driven filters. It’s designed to fit all standard outlets and will remain supple and retain it’s shape.

    Key Features:
    Can be used with air stones and air-driven ornaments and filters
    It remains supple and keeps it’s shape
    Designed to fit all standard outlets

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  • Large Coral Garden Ornament 12”

    This bright and colourful coral garden makes for a great addition to your tank. Suitable for all indoor aquariums, it creates a rich and colourful environment for your fish to enjoy. Simply clean it before putting it in your tank.

    Key Features:
    Bright and fun colours
    Suitable for all indoor aquariums

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  • Marina Clearview Background Mounting Gel 30ml

    Marina Clearview Background Mounting Gel seals your aquarium background to your tank, in one easy application to provide image enhancement. It provides a clean and secure seal without bubbles or ripples, resulting in a flawless background that stays secure.

  • Marina Hanging Plastic Thermometer

    Marina Hanging Plastic Thermometer is an accurate and easy to read tool to check your tank’s temperature. You can easily see what heat your tank is in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater tanks, with a handy safety zone range indicator for most tropical fish.

  • Marina Neon Twilight Gravel 2kg

    Marina Neon Twilight Gravel helps to create a colourful aquascape in your fish tank The gravel is epoxy-coated which makes the gravel inert and prevents any adverse effects on your water’s levels. Providing an optimum surface for beneficial bacteria to provide biological filtration for clear water.

    Key Features:
    Epoxy-coated for safe aquarium water
    Helps to maintain clear and healthy water
    For fresh and saltwater tanks

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  • Marina Plastic Check Valve

    The Marina Check Valve prevents water from siphoning out of the aquarium through the air hose and into the air pump. Especially handy in the event of a power failture or when removing filters and other air driven accessories from the aquarium.

    Key Features:
    Protects pump from water back siphoning
    Minimal air flow restriction

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  • Tetra Plant Complete Substrate 5kg

    Tetra Plant Complete Substrate helps your aquatic plants thrive and promote healthy growth and reduced water contamination. It has sand with a naturally high iron and micro-nutrient content. It also contains natural black peat with high humic content. This formula helps your plants to take root quickly and inhibits the growth of algae, suitable for all freshwater aquariums.

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  • Winched Pails On Rock Ornament 150mm

    Bring a classic and vintage feel to your tank with this ornament. The natural colours and design will complement your tank and add an element of fun to your fish’s daily routine. Clean before use.

    Key Features:
    Fun decorative ornament
    Suitable for all indoor aquariums

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  • Wooden Crate With Plants Ornament 167mm

    This fun aquarium decoration gives your fish a fun hiding place while decorating your aquarium at the same time.

    Key Features:
    Wooden box with plant ornament
    Gives your fish a nice hiding place
    Antique looking ornament

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