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Upgrade your fish’s home with an abundance of different kinds of tanks and bowls available, whether it’s a starter goldfish bowl or something more advanced for the marine enthusiast, we have it all here at Buy4Pets.

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  • Goldfish Starter Kit XL 17L

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    Surprise your little aqua enthusiast with a Cheeko Starter Kit. Includes;
    Plastic Gold Fish Bowl
    Easy clean coloured gravel
    Decorative Plastic Plant
    Goldfish Flakes
    Neutralizer Block
    Aquarium Ornament
    Clear plastic lid cover

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  • Right Bite Fish Education Tank 4.3L

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    The Right Bite Education Tank has a clever system that reminds you to feed your fish every day.
    With the Easy Feed System, you will be able to set up a week’s worth of meals at a time, and you will always be able to see if your fish has been fed yet.
    Comes with a 2 colour LED light. White for daytime, and Blue for nighttime. This way your fish can have the proper amount of light to help keep them healthy without making your child’s room too bright.
    Pro V Crystal Gravel serves two purposes. First, it helps decorate your child’s aquarium while at the same time, the crystal gravel aids in absorbing waste to keep the water clean.
    The pre-portioned feeding compartments helps to avoid common overfeeding problems
    Just add crayons and your child can make the Rite-Bite Fish Tank his or her own with the customizable background

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