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Reptiles are diverse and complex creatures, with many different components required to keep them healthy and thriving. It is very important to have proper reptile tanks, caves and other accessories in order to have a suitable environment for your reptiles that they will thrive in as a pet. Find all of essential equipment, heaters, tank setups, food and more in this section, with options for the smallest gecko to the majestic bearded dragon.

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  • Dragon Grub Juvenile 125g

    Exo Dragon Grub Juvenile is a nutritious daily feed suitable for agamid lizards. Highly digestible black soldier fly larvae mixed with natural plant and fruit makes this perfect for maintaining optimal health in bearded dragons.

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  • Exo Terra Adult Tortoise Food 270g

    Exo Terra Adult Tortoise Food has added vitamins and minerals, formulated with high-quality ingredients for a balanced feed. Give your tortoise a healthy life with this premium feed.

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  • Exo Terra Calcium+D3 Supplement 40g

    Exo Terra Calcium+D3 Supplement helps to prevent common calcium deficiency in pet reptiles. The power supplement contains high level of phosphorus-free calcium along with balanced amounts of vitamin D3 for calcium absorption.

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  • Exo Terra Dial Thermometer

    Keep your reptile’s tank at the perfect temperature with this dial thermometer from Exo Terra. A simple design paired with a colourful display makes a nice addition to your tank, with clearly marked temperature intervals. Measure your habitat’s temperature with either celsius or fahrenheit.

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  • Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer & Probe

    Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer & Probe has a remote sensor that gives accurate measurement and durability. It can be programmed to a minimum or maximum memory setting that can be controlled with a single button! Giving accurate humidity indicators so you can create the perfect environment for your reptile.

    The sensor is held in place with a handy suction cup and can be mounted with a hook and loop fastener.

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  • Exo Terra Dragon Grub Adult 125g

    Exo Terra Dragon Grub Adult is a nutritious daily feed suitable for agamid lizards. Containing natural plant and fruit ingredients, alongside highly digestible black soldier fly larvae. Added minerals help to keep your bearded dragon healthy and happy.

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  • Exo Terra Hygrometer

    The Exo Terra Hygrometer helps you to monitor your terrarium’s humidity levels. An easy to read tool that is colour coded and has a % humidity scale.

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  • Exo Terra Reptile Cave – Medium

    Exo Terra Reptile Caves give your reptile a proper hiding spot, a vital feature of your terrarium. Reptiles need a safe hiding area for optimum sleep. This realistic cave creates a natural hiding place for your reptile, as well as offering a cooler and more humid microclimate.

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  • Exo Terra Wet Rock Cave

    Key Features:

    • Safe and secure hiding spot
    • Prevents stress
    • Aids the shedding process
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  • King British Complete Turtle Food Sticks

    King British Turtle Food is a complete diet for all turtles and terrapins, a blend of ocean shrimp, krill and vegetables. Naturally high in calcium for bone and shell health, these food sticks float to promote natural feeding habits.

  • King British Turtle & Terrapin Water Fresh 100ml

    King British Turtle & Terrapin Water Fresh helps to neutralise & digest waste produced by turtles and terrapins. It contains five different types of friendly microbes that break down waste easily and controls bad smells.

  • NutriRep Vitamin Supplement 130g

    NutriRep Vitamin Supplement is a complete calcium, vitamin and mineral balancing supplement with added D3. Simply dust onto your reptile’s normal food for enhanced colours and optimum health.

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  • NutriRep Vitamin Supplement 65g

    NutriRep Vitamin Supplement is a complete calcium, vitamin and mineral balancing supplement with added D3. Simply dust onto your reptile’s normal food for enhanced colours and optimum health.

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  • Pro Rep Tortoise Dry Formula

    Pro Rep Tortoise Dry Formula is a complimentary diet for Mediterranean Tortoises, with added vitamins and minerals. The natural scents and colours aid palatability. A low protein/high fibre feed that is formulated with all-natural ingredients.

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  • Prorep Bearded Dragon Botanical Mix 80g

    The Beardie Botanical Mix is a highly nutritious blend of botanical dried leaves and flowers. Suitable to be used as part of a complimentary diet, cultivated from high-quality ingredients. Suitable for reptiles to form part of a balanced diet.

    Key Features:
    Highly nutritious
    Suitable for bearded dragons
    Botanical dried leaves and flowers

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  • Prorep Bug Gel Jar 500ml

    Prorep Bug Gel Jar is specially formulated to provide a source of clean and fresh water for feeder insects without any drowning risk. Simply put a small amount of bug gel in a shallow dish and place it in the feeder. Use only enough bug gel that will be consumed in one day, replace it as it will go off if left.

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  • Prorep Calci Dust 200g

    The Calci Dust supplement from Prorep is an essential part of your tortoise’s diet and helps shell growth and prevents metabolic bone disease. This jar comes with an easy-to-use shaker cap that helps you dust your reptile’s food more easily. An essential part of reptiles and amphibians’ diets, many foods that are used to feed pet reptiles and low in this essential mineral. Simply sprinkle the dust over food immediately before feeding.

    Key Features:

    • Made from 100% natural calcium carbonate
    • No additives
    • Supplement for reptiles and amphibians
    • Provides essential calcium and avoids deficiency
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  • ProRep Coco Husk Brick 650g

    This ProRep Coco Husk Brick is a substrate suitable for many species of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. It naturally retains moisture and contains high antibacterial properties. It is 100% natural bedding made from the fibrous husk of a coconut, with lignin to prevent rotting even under wet conditions.

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  • Repashy Superfood Grubs N Fruit Feed 85g

    Repashy Superfoods Grubs ‘N Fruit Feed is a meal replacement powder suitable for all fruit-eating geckos such as rhacodactylus, phelsuma and gekko. It can also be used as a supplement for other species such as anoles, skinks, chameleons.

    Directions: Mix one part meal replacement powder with two parts water. The mixture will thicken after a few minutes. Feed reptiles in the evening and remove uneaten feed within 24 hours.

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  • Repashy Superfoods Bug Burger 85g

    This is a complete feeder insect diet in a gel premix. A complete diet for crickets, roaches and other insects. Three ounces of powder make 1.25 pounds of gel feed. It works to feed and hydrate and is calcium fortified.

    Key Features:

    • Complete feeder insect diet
    • In a handy gel premix
    • A complete diet for crickets, roaches and other insects
    • Feeds and hydrates
    • CaCalcium fortified
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  • Repti Sand Shovel Scooper

    The Repti Sand Shovel Scooper is ideal for spot cleaning in your reptile’s terrarium. It has angled edges for cleaning corners and a comfortable grip handle for ease of use.

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  • Supa Turtle Food 1L

    Supa Turtle Food is a nutritionally balanced and delicious turtle food. Feed as a complementary food along with other freshly prepared food. Containing river shrimp, shrimp flakes, Gammarus and freeze-dried tubifex.

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  • Tortoise Food Juvenile 260g

    Exo Terra Tortoise Food Juvenile is a delicious reptile feed, formulated to support growth and health by providing a complete diet. Containing natural plant and fruit ingredients to provide optimal levels of vitamins and minerals. A complete diet for European grassland tortoises.

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  • Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding 8.8L

    Aspen Snake Bedding is a safe, clean and sustainable bedding for your pet snake. Virtually dust-free, non-toxic and absorbant to create a safe and natural environment.

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