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Ensure your reptile stays comfortable and maintain the right humidity with a range of substrates. Give them a safe haven to hide in with one of our caves or stay cosy in a habba hut!

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  • Exo Terra Reptile Cave – Medium

    Exo Terra Reptile Caves give your reptile a proper hiding spot, a vital feature of your terrarium. Reptiles need a safe hiding area for optimum sleep. This realistic cave creates a natural hiding place for your reptile, as well as offering a cooler and more humid microclimate.

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  • Exo Terra Wet Rock Cave

    Key Features:

    • Safe and secure hiding spot
    • Prevents stress
    • Aids the shedding process
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  • ProRep Coco Husk Brick 650g

    This ProRep Coco Husk Brick is a substrate suitable for many species of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. It naturally retains moisture and contains high antibacterial properties. It is 100% natural bedding made from the fibrous husk of a coconut, with lignin to prevent rotting even under wet conditions.

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  • Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding 8.8L

    Aspen Snake Bedding is a safe, clean and sustainable bedding for your pet snake. Virtually dust-free, non-toxic and absorbant to create a safe and natural environment.

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