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Ensure your reptile stays comfortable and maintain the right humidity with a range of substrates. Give them a safe haven to hide in with one of our caves or stay cosy in a habba hut!

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  • Exo Terra Large Feeding Dish

    Make dinnertime easy with an Exo Terra Feeding Dish, coated to prevent the development of harmful bacteria and easy to clean.

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  • Exo Terra Wet Rock Cave

    Key Features:

    • Safe and secure hiding spot
    • Prevents stress
    • Aids the shedding process
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  • ExoTerra Corner Water Dish – Medium

    Make dinnertime easy with an Exo Terra Water Dish, coated to prevent the development of harmful bacteria and easy to clean.

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  • Lucky Rep Sphagnum Moss 100g

    Lucky Reptile Sphagnum Moss helps to provide humid places inside your reptile’s terrarium, increasing the overall humidity of your reptile’s environment. If water is added, this moss brick will swell up to about 5 litres of fresh sphagnum moss.

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  • ProRep Coco Husk Brick 650g

    This ProRep Coco Husk Brick is a substrate suitable for many species of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. It naturally retains moisture and contains high antibacterial properties. It is 100% natural bedding made from the fibrous husk of a coconut, with lignin to prevent rotting even under wet conditions.

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  • Prorep Live Moss 1.5L

    ProRep Live Moss is a great cage decoration or substrate and can help to provide high humidity for reptiles and amphibians that need moisture. Simply place the required mount in a container of clean water for 10 minutes.

    Key Features:
    Live moss
    Can be used in a ”wet box”
    Great for moisture loving-reptiles

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  • Reptile Bathing Bowl 35x9x34cm

    The Trixie Reptile Bathing Bowl is a polyester resin reptile pool, ideal for water-loving reptiles. A natural-looking pool that your reptile can bathe in, that blends in your terrarium’s rainforest look.

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  • Trixie Cork Board

    Trixie Cork Boards are suitable for reptiles, rabbits and rodents, adding some interest to your tank and letting your pet climb or retreat when needed. Made of 100% natural materials.

  • Trixie Cork Tunnel Medium

    Trixie Cork Tunnels are made of 100 % natural materials, suitable for reptiles or rodents. An ideal hideaway for them to retreat to or climb on.

    Size guide:
    XSmall – mice or very small reptiles
    Small – hamsters
    Medium – Degus/Rats
    Large – Guinea Pigs/Dwarf Rabbits
    XLarge – Dwarf Rabbits

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