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Find everything you need for your turtle or tortoise here, from a range of feeds to tickle their tastebuds or accessories to create the perfect environment.

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  • King British Complete Turtle Food Sticks

    King British Turtle Food is a complete diet for all turtles and terrapins, a blend of ocean shrimp, krill and vegetables. Naturally high in calcium for bone and shell health, these food sticks float to promote natural feeding habits.

  • King British Turtle & Terrapin Water Fresh 100ml

    King British Turtle & Terrapin Water Fresh helps to neutralise & digest waste produced by turtles and terrapins. It contains five different types of friendly microbes that break down waste easily and controls bad smells.

  • Pro Rep Tortoise Dry Formula

    Pro Rep Tortoise Dry Formula is a complimentary diet for Mediterranean Tortoises, with added vitamins and minerals. The natural scents and colours aid palatability. A low protein/high fibre feed that is formulated with all-natural ingredients.

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  • Supa Turtle Food 1L

    Supa Turtle Food is a nutritionally balanced and delicious turtle food. Feed as a complementary food along with other freshly prepared food. Containing river shrimp, shrimp flakes, Gammarus and freeze-dried tubifex.

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  • Tortoise Food Juvenile 260g

    Exo Terra Tortoise Food Juvenile is a delicious reptile feed, formulated to support growth and health by providing a complete diet. Containing natural plant and fruit ingredients to provide optimal levels of vitamins and minerals. A complete diet for European grassland tortoises.

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