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  • Purina Gourmet Perle Ocean Delicacies in Gravy – 12 x 85g

    Take your cat on a tantalizing taste adventure with Purina Gourmet Perle Ocean Delicacies in Gravy! This delectable multipack features four irresistible recipes, each boasting real fish for a flavor explosion:

    • Salmon & Shrimp: Succulent salmon paired with shrimp for a protein-packed treat.
    • Tuna & Shrimp: Flaky tuna meets juicy shrimp for a purr-fectly balanced bite.
    • Plaice & Shrimp: Delicate plaice combined with shrimp for a unique and exciting taste.
    • Ocean Fish & Shrimp: A blend of ocean fish varieties with shrimp for a taste of the deep.

    Each 85g pouch offers the perfect single-serve portion, ensuring freshness and convenience. The recipe in gravy provides essential nutrients for adult cats’ overall health and wellbeing, with no added colorants, artificial flavours, or preservatives

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