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  • Royal Canin Digestive Comfort 38 Dry Cat Food

    Royal Canin Digestive Care is suitable for cat’s with sensitive stomachs and digestive tracts. It has a precisely balanced nutritional formula to support digestive health. With a unique kibble design in a ring shape to naturally slow eating down and minimise digestive issues. This formula also contains highly digestible proteins for easier digestion, with a blend of prebiotics and fibres including psyllium to support balance in the intestinal flora. 

    Key Features:

    • Suitable For Sensitive Digestion
    • Proven Results
    • Urinary Health
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  • Royal Canin Mini Digest Care

    Royal Canindigestice Care contains highly digestible contains proteins (L.I.P.), a blend of prebiotics and fibres to promote a balanced intestinal flora and help promote optimal stool quality.

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  • Royal Canin Sensible 33 Dry Cat Food

    Royal Canin Sensible 33 is created for sensitive cats. With carefully chosen ingredients to soothe your cat’s sensitive digestive system, this food is suitable for cats aged 1-7 years old. It includes a combination of vitamins and nutrients to provide optimal digestive care while being highly palatable with three different kibble shapes. Formulated to maintain a healthy urinary system. 

    Key Features:

    • Urinary Health
    • Optimal Digestion
    • High Palatability
    • Concentrated Energy
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