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  • Free Range Chick Crumbs 4kg

    Feathers & Beaky Free Range Chick Crumbs is an ideal feed for chics up to 8 weeks. A combination of natural and wholesome ingredients, packed with vitamins and minerals. Keep freely available to maintain top health in your chicks.

    Can be used for waterfowl also
    Higher protein level to support growth
    Small grain size for easier feeding

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  • Poultry Grower Pellets 5kg

    Poultry Grower Pellets help your chickens produce strong eggshells and give optimum nutrition. Can be fed to finish or before layers pellets for laying hens.

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  • Small Holder Baby Chick Crumb 5kg

    Small Holder Baby Chick Crumb is suitable for feeding chicks from hatching through to 6-8 weeks. Mix in with poultry grower pellets over 5-6 weeks to ensure a smooth changeover. Made from completely natural ingredients.

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  • Small Holder Layers Pellets 5kg

    Small Holder Layers Pellets provide your hens with a complete and nutritionally balanced diet. Made from high-quality ingredients, they contain no artificial colours.

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