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  • Anti-Itch Spray 273ml

    This Anti-Itch Spray from Four Paws aids in soothing itchiness and irritation caused by fleabites and allergies, it can provide relief from hot spots and scrapes. Ideal for dogs, cats and horses.

  • Ice Blue Leg Cooler Gel 500ml

    Ice Blue Leg Cooler Gel is a fast-acting treatment that’s easy to use and quickly soothes hot or tired legs. Containing a number of premium ingredients like arnica and witch hazel that calm and cool. Menthol, camphor and added tea tree oil help to soothe and cool. Apply to legs after heavy exercise and work on hard ground.

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  • Lavender Liniment 500ml

    Lavender Liniment is a dual purpose liniment and rinse that can be used on tight and stiff muscles. The ingredients work together to relieve tightness, the menthol has both a heating and cooling effect to soothe aching and sore joints. Arnica and witch hazel help to reduce bruising while the rosemary and spike lavender work to increase blood circulation.

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  • Leovet Cold Pack 500ml

    Leovet Cold Pack 500ml is a salve that has arnica, rosemary, menthol and incense resin. Suitable for both horse and rider, this ointment provides a relaxing and cooling feeling on the muscles after a workout. Firstly, it cools and soothe and soon after, follows with a relaxing warm sensation to improve mobility.

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  • Leovet Zinc Oxide Spray 200ml

    The Zinc Oxide Spray provides a protective film over wounds, preventing sweat and other harmful influences to run off your animal’s skin. Can be used to offer relief for stressed or sensitive skin, encouraging regeneration of your horse or pony’s skin.

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  • Protection Plus 500g

    Protection Plus is a pink ointment with a citronella scent, it can be used to protect and waterproof wounds and vulnerable areas. Ideal for prevention against mud fever and similar conditions, an essential item to have in your your tack box.

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  • Shapleys MTG Original

    Shapleys MTG Original works on both wet and dry hair, a time-proven skin treatment, hair growth enhancer and conditioner for the mane and tail. It works by promoting healthy skin, soothing skin ailments and fights a variety of skin problems such as:

    rain rot
    sweet itch
    dry skin
    girth itch
    bug bites

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  • V-Flex Bandage – Black

    V-Flex Bandages are easy-to-apply and self-adhesive. These tough bandages are water-resistant and lightweight. Don’t apply to open wounds.

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  • Vetericyn Hydrogel Spray 500Ml

    Vetericyn VF Plus Hydrogel is designed to adhere to the site of application, creating another layer of protection or barrier for the cut. This special hydrogel doesn’t cause skin irritation & is safe for use in sensitive areas or with wound dressings.

  • Wound Cream 180g

    Carr & Day & Martin Wound Cream is a soothing cream that helps to aid the natural healing process. An advanced formula that allows the skin to breathe freely and heal, helping to reduce the healing time of minor cuts and abrasions. An easy to use pump bottle for a more hygienic application to prevent cross-contamination.

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