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Magic Suction Bowl – Various Colours

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The Magic Suction Bowl has a fixed, bonded silicone base to prevent your dog from knocking their dish during feeding time. The silicone base provides a vacuum feature, preventing your dog from tipping the bowl over. Simply press the bowl to the floor, the vacuum suction will keep your dog’s dish in place. To remove the bowl, just pull the knob and it will come lose. Dishwasher safe and Long Lasting.

*Please note all bowls are engraved on the inside with our brand’s logo of Petstop Discount Warehouse. Random colours dispatched depending on stock availability at time of purchase – silicone base comes in blue, turquoise, brown or black.

Key Features:

  • Hardwearing stainless steel bowl
  • Magic suction feature to prevent spills and mess
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple sizes available


Additional information

Size Letters

0.45L, 0.9L, 1.8L