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Supreme Stickles Seeds/Honey


Supreme Stickles are tasty treats filled with a wholesome blend of natural ingredients. They can be easily hung in your pet’s enclosure to encourage foraging, gnawing and natural behaviour. These stickles are suitable for small pets such as hamster, gerbils, rats and mice. This flavour has scrumptious honey and seeds, with natural grains.

Key Features:

  • Made with wholesome, natural grains, honey and seeds
  • Encourages foraging and natural behaviour
  • Easy to hang in your pet’s cage



Wheat flour, oats, flaked oats, wheat middlings, sugar, soya oil, wheat bran (4%), white millet (1%), red millet (1%), honey (1%), linseeds (1%), sesame seeds (1%). Additives: Colourants.

Feeding guide:

Feed as a treat to complement your pet’s normal diet. Allow 1 treat per week, always ensure fresh hay and water are available.