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PharmaTRAC Digestive Support For Dogs 300G

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PharmaTRAC Digestive Support For Dogs is a palatable powder that can be added to dry, wet or raw food. It contains active ingredients and no fillers, to support your dog’s stomach and intestinal health. This is an ideal supplement if your dog is: experiencing loose or soft bowel movements, changing food types, has an upset tummy or sensitivity, experiencing weight loss, has a lack of appetite, during stressful situations, or just to support their general health. This powder helps to complete stomach acid control and contains a prebiotic for healthy gut bacteria.

Key Features:

  • Supports your dog’s gut health and soothes stomach
  • With prebiotic and live ingredients
  • Easily added to your dog’s regular food
  • Palatable and tasty

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Ingredients per 3g serving:

• Alfalfa Powder 1,080mg
• Sodium Bicarbonate 600mg
• Di Sodium Phosphate Anhydrous 300mg
• Calcium Carbonate Precipitated 300mg
• Organic Brown Linseed Cake Powder 300mg
• Magnesium Phosphate 150mg
• 1,3 Beta Glucans (min 70% from yeast) 150mg
• Inulin (Chicory) Prebiotic 120mg
• Bioperine® 3mg


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