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Purina One Sensitive Cat Food 2.8kg

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Purina One Sensitive Cat Food with turkey and rice has added natural fibres and selected protein sources to help your cat combat sensitivity. Made with delicious ingredients to tempt your fussy cat, it has high digestibility. With added beneficial bacteria, it has all of the nutrients and vitamins your cat needs to thrive.

Key Features:

  • Strengthens your cat’s natural defences
  • Improves gut microbiome
  • Promotes firmer stools with less odour
  • High digestibility
  • No added wheat
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids

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Turkey (18%) (including Bone, Meat, Skin)
Rice (15%)
Dried Turkey Protein
Corn Protein Meal
Pea Protein
Animal Fats
Soya Meal
Dried Chicory Root* (2%)
Digest (with added Heat Treated Lactobacillus Delbrueckii and Fermentum Powder 0.025%)
Fish Oil
*Natural Fibers

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