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Suet To Go Insect Suet Pellets 500g

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Suet To Go Suet Pellets are a delicious wild bird feed packed with energy. Suitable for use all year round, these pellets contain high levels of energy and provide essential nutrients to wild birds. Waste-free, they are a great option for those who don’t want unnecessary mess in their garden. Ideal for robins, blue tits and most garden birds.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for all year round feeding
  • Easy to distribute
  • Full of essential nutrients and energy
  • Can be fed from a bird table or a hanging feeder
  • Attracts many different wild birds


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Wheat Flour, Fat and Oils (21%), Wheat Starch, Peanut Flour, Insect, Natural Colouring

Feeding Guide:

Simply place on bird table or into suet feeder. Feed year round, especially in winter. Always ensure fresh drinking water is available and place feed away from predators.



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