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Pedigree Christmas Stocking Gift Adult Dog Treats

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Spread festive cheer with Pedigree Christmas Stocking Gift Adult Dog Treats!

Your furry friend will love unwrapping this stocking filled with delicious Pedigree treats, crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Packed with flavours and textures they’ll adore, these treats are the perfect way to show your dog how much they mean to you during the holiday season.

Indulge their cravings with a variety of delicious flavours

From savory to sweet, this stocking features a variety of Pedigree treats to tantalise your dog’s taste buds. Includes 1x Pedigree Rodeo with Beef (4 pieces), 1x Pedigree Tasty Minis Chicken & Duck Flavour Chunks, 1x Pedigree Jumbone with Beef & Poultry and 1x Pedigree Dentastix Daily

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Packed with essential nutrients for healthy dogs

Pedigree treats are not just delicious; they’re also packed with essential nutrients to support your dog’s overall health and well-being. With a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, and protein, these treats help maintain your dog’s strong muscles, healthy teeth, and shiny coat.

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