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Pet Remedy Calming Kit


The Pet Remedy Calming Kit contains everything you need to get started with Pet Remedy.

1 x 200ml Calming Spray
1 x 15ml Refillable Mini Spray
1 x Plug Diffuser
12 Individual Calming Wipes

The formulation is mostly Valerian oil based (from Eastern Europe), with small inclusions of Vetiver (from Indonesia), Sweet Basil, (from Europe), and Clary Sage (from France) essential oils, compiling a completely natural way of easing your pet’s anxiety.
A natural remedy that offers a natural alternative when your pet is anxious, separation anxiety, fireworks, change of routine, hyperactivity, travel, vet or groomer visits.
Gentle essential oils imitate a natural calm-inducing amino acid – GABA (gamma amino butyric acid), present in all mammals, reptiles and birds.

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