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Yucalm Chewies 30pcs

YuCalm Chewies are delicious chews for dogs that are stressed and nervous. Help your dog calm down with one tasty treat a day that helps to reduce stress.

Made with only natural ingredients, the YuCalm calmies contain scientifically proven ingredients that help your dog to cope with stress. Ideal during periods of stress such as fireworks, other dogs, strangers, travel or separation anxiety.


Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm works on GABA levels to help your dog feel more relaxed.


L-Tryptophan helps to support the production of serotonin while B vitamins support healthy brain function while reducing excitability.

GABA and L-Arginine

GABA and L-Arginine maintain calming pathways in the brain.

Fish protein hydrolysate

Fish protein hydrolysate helps to support your dog’s brain and send calming signals.

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