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Forcefield Outdoor Pet Fence

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The Forcefield Outdoor Pet Fence gives your dog all of the freedom they need to play outside, while providing a boundary line to keep them safe while they do. No need for fences, ropes or walls, this pet fence has a unique transmitter than sends a continuous signal through an underground wire that marks the perimeter of your property.

This system is unique compared to your standard pet fences, with special programming designed to teach your dog where the boundaries are quickly. It makes training quick and simple so your pet can stay safe as they enjoy the outdoors.

Top Features:
Invisible fence
Digital signal decoding
Fence length up to 1.5km (150m of wire supplied with system, additional rolls sold separately)
Deluxe waterproof ultralight receiver
Electronic stimulation: 3 Levels of correction
Tone warning
Built-in light surge protection
Cable break indicator
Rechargeable battery and charger
Battery life 1-3 weeks

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