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Petsafe Radio Fence Wireless


The Pet Safe Wireless Dog and Fence is a cutting-edge dog training and containment system, which can be installed in minutes. Once set up, the Pet Safe Wireless Fence system is an effective and totally invisible dog fence.

Just plug the transmitter into a standard wall outlet close to the area where you want to contain your pet. The Transmitter communicates with your dog’s Receiver Collar and helps keep him in the designated area by first delivering a warning tone should he approach the containment perimeter, and then by delivering a harmless but surprising electrical stimulation should he proceed further towards the containment edge. The system is portable, so you can bring it along with you. An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system as long as they wear a PetSafe® Wireless Receiver Collar.

System includes

  • Transmitter with Power Adaptor
  • Receiver collar for neck sizes 15 cm to 71 cm
  • Operating and Training Guide
  • Battery (PetSafe® RFA-67D-11)
  • 50 Training Flags
  • Test Light Tool

CLICK HERE to download the manual.


Please read our Petsafe Product Procedures if you experience any issues with a Petsafe product.

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