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Stay Safe, Stay Seen – Dog Walking In The Dark

As the winter evenings kick in, we’ll be out walking our dogs in the dark much more often.

Our canine friends still need to be exercised and walked, no matter how bright or dark! We’ve got some top tips to keep you and your dog safe while out walking at night, along with some handy accessories to make it easier!


Stay Seen With High Visibility Vests;

Reflective vests mean you can be seen better by cars, bikes and humans. You can now get hi-vis vests for you and your pup, in bright colours to keep you visible. There are even padded reflective jackets to keep your dog warm on those chilly winter nights. Staying visible with reflective gear is one of the best ways you can stay safe in the dark.

Stick To The Usual Routes;

We all love exploring new places with our dogs, but these are best kept for when it’s brighter out, where you won’t get lost. Avoid trying out new trails or areas in the dark, it’ll prevent you or your dog from getting lost.

Keep Your Dog On The Lead;

Even dogs who are great off the lead can get scared or lost in the dark, keep your dog on a lead to prevent him from running off where you can’t see him, we recommend a flasher that you can add to your lead so you can see exactly where he’s going, leads are a must for safe nighttime walks.

Light-Up Collars And Accessories;

Another way to make sure you and your dog be visible in the dark is with a bright piece of walking gear or accessory. You can get reflective collars, high vis jackets and even flashers that hook onto your dog’s collar. These are fun and easy ways to light you both up on a dark winter’s night. You can even get torch addon’s for your usual poo bag dispenser!

Glow In The Dark Fetch Toys;

Keep your dog having fun no matter what with a glow in the dark toy! You can still get in that game of fetch to wear your pup out while staying safe. We like this glow in the dark ball launcher.

 Shop our safety and reflective range here – everything you need to stay seen!

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