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The Ultimate Bathtime Guide

When it comes to bathing your furry friend and keeping them clean, it all comes down to being prepared. Not all pooches like being washed, for some it’s a cause of anxiety, for others it is another form of play!

We’re going to look at 3 important things to consider when washing your dog;

  1. The Right Products For Your Dog

  2. Making It Enjoyable And Fun

  3. Keeping Them Clean In Between Washes

The Perfect Product

When shopping for dog shampoo, the most important thing is to limit your choices to only products created for dogs. Your pet’s skin has a very different pH level compared to you, so they need specific shampoos that are formulated with this in mind. Using human products will upset the balance of natural oils in their coat that they need to keep it healthy and moisturised.

The next step is deciding what your dog’s coat needs; perhaps your pooch is a little sensitive and suffers from dry skin? Or they have a dense coat that is hard to deep clean, either way, there is a product for all of them.

Here are some of our team’s suggestions on different kinds of shampoos;

  • For the fur friend that you want to stay white and bright: SHOP HERE
  • For your new little friend, your puppy: SHOP HERE
  • For the dog full of mischief that needs deep cleaning: SHOP HERE
  • For the curly, fluffy dog that needs detangling: SHOP HERE
  • For the sensitive pooch who has delicate skin: SHOP HERE
  • For the short-haired canine who needs de-shedding: SHOP HERE
  • For those doggies prone to fleas: SHOP HERE 
  • For the one who gets into fox poo! SHOP HERE 

Making Bathtime Enjoyable

  • Start small: Let your dog get used to the sound of running water, then add a little water into the bath, let him get his feet wet, then slowly wet his legs. The goal is to make it a less scary experience, using gradual steps to make him comfortable. It’s not a race, make sure you take plenty of time to do this slowly. Make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature


  • Introduce rewards: Why not bring some of your pup’s favourite treats into the tub, hand-feeding him a yummy snack can show them how positive bath time can be. You can also introduce bath friendly toys – such as a toy that you can stuff their favourite food into or a floatable toy that will distract them.


  • Be positive and patient: It can take time for dogs to get used to a bath, being patient with your dog and yourself is key! If you’ve had negative experiences in the past, take each time as a fresh start and go into it with a positive mindset. You could start out by bringing your dog for a long walk first to burn out any pent up energy, a dip in the water after can be enjoyable for them to cool down.

Here are some toys to turn bathtime into playtime;


Keeping Them Fresh

The next biggest challenge is keeping them clean and fresh in between baths! Luckily, there is plenty of options and products available for pet parents, that will help you keep your best pal smelling sweet for longer.

Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoos are cleansing products that do not require any rinsing with water, making it easier to keep your pet clean all the time. You can get these in a foam, spray or powder formula, they’re very practical and get your pooch used to being groomed without the fuss of a bath. Here’s some of our suggestions;

  • Animology Dirty Dawg No Rinse Spray: Shop HERE
  • Tropiclean Hypoallergenic Waterless Shampoo: Shop HERE
  • Animology Mucky Pup Spray: Shop HERE
  • Tropiclean Waterless Facial Cleanser: SHOP HERE 

Fragranced Sprays:

Think of these as perfume or cologne for your dog! These sprays keep your dog smelling fresh and there is a variety of scents available and ones that are suitable for sensitive dogs too.  See some of our favourites below;

  • Tropiclean Baby Powder Spray: Shop HERE
  • Animology Aromatherapy Spray: Shop HERE 
  • Tropiclean Berry Breeze Spray: Shop HERE

Now that you and your pup are prepared,

we hope you have the best of fun at bathtime!





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