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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Dog

Delicious treats, cuddly toys and cosy blankets for your fur-ever love! 

Valentines Day is on the way, and what better way to spend it than with your favourite pooch. It’s a day where you can show the special people in your life how much you appreciate them, including your four-legged friend! Here are some of the Buy4Pets Team’s top picks for gifts for your puppy love.

Dog Friendly Chocolate

Why not let your pup join in on the chocolate treats with one of our dog-friendly chocolate treats. From only €0.80, your dog can enjoy some sweet treats with you this Valentine’s Day.

A Luxury Soft Bed

Spoil your pet with a new, upgraded bed for them to snooze in! Spread the love by letting them snooze to their heart’s content in a plush bed.

Mini Heart Treats

They say the way to the heart is by food, what better way to say I Love You than with edible hearts! Perfect for reward training or as a well-deserved treat.

Cuddly Teddy

You can’t go wrong with a soft and snuggly teddy bear, why not try one that has a tug toy built in! Or go for a sturdier option made of rope.

Barking Bakery Woofin

We all love sweet baked goods, include your pup by getting them a doggy-friendly woofin! Natural ingredients that are sure to get that tail wagging.

Animology Paw & Nose Balm

Pamper your canine friend with a luxurious gift from Animology. Treat them to a pampering paw massage with a soothing balm, or make it a real spa day out with an aromatherapy spray.

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