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What Is Canine Enrichment?

What is Canine Enrichment?

If you’re new to the canine world or a seasoned pro, canine Enrichment might be a term you’ve heard thrown around a lot lately. Enrichment is defined as ”the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something”. Canine enrichment in short is improving your dog’s quality of life with enjoyable activities that allow them to engage in their instinctual behaviours and in turn create a healthier environment for them.

This makes for a happier dog that is mentally and physically stimulated, which can prevent problem behaviour that rises from boredom. The key to a happier dog is regular enrichment activities such as playing, chasing, scavenging, chewing and more. It provides your dog with an outlet for their natural behaviour and can help prevent bad behaviour in your home.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite activities that you can implement in your dog’s daily routine to enhance their life.

    1. Go on a sniffari: A sniffari is a walk that allows your dog to follow their nose and enjoy all the smells and scents of a new place.  Letting your dog guide you to where interests them allows them to engage with their natural instincts. Introducing new areas for your daily walk also helps to expose your dog to new environments and encourages them to use their natural instinct and smell.
    2. Implement a puzzle toy: Opting to put your dog’s treats into a puzzle toy makes dinnertime more enjoyable and creates a challenge to get their brains to work.
    3. Trick Training: Trick training is another mental activity that will help to wear your dog out. It also helps to build their confidence up and builds mutual respect between dog and owner. It also works their balance, concentration and flexibility.
    4. Try out a tracking game: Put your dog’s favourite treats around your house and watch them go to town! In this activity, they can take a sniffari walk at home and get a treat at the end.
    5. Doggie Daycare: A well controlled doggie daycare sessions allows your dog to embrace their natural behaviour and play with other pups like them! They are introduced to all breeds and sized dogs and get a chance to make some new friends, lots of doggie daycares also implement stimulating games and puzzles to teach your dog quiet time after their playdate.
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